Is Leopard Print Still in Style 2015

The Leo-look is not new. In fact, he appeared from time to time on the fashion. This fall and winter, it is again applicable. The leopard print is totally hip with the designers for the winter season 2015/2016.

Where the preference is for the Leo-Look?

The result of the fashion trend is actually already in the 60s. As part of the “Bohemian Movements” in the United States emancipated women oppressed with the exotic at that time Leo look of their mental and financial independence. Some women use the new fashion trend to very subliminally to demonstrate their intelligence and their power. Is it any wonder that even today, the leopard print with a high status and wealth is associated.

In fact, the Leo-look is ideal as a stylish companion a fashionable appearance. Here, however, always used with caution. Or else: The dose makes the poison. Ideally, you’re wearing just a trend or part your accessories with leopard prints. This can, for example, a sweater , a jeans or be ballerinas. In theaccessories you lie always properly with a belt in leo look and a handbag with subtle animal print details.

Which Animal Print is a Must-Have For Fall?

This year can be at the fashion shows basically three main trends in animal print seen: Quite big is the classic look with a leopard print in beige brown. In contrast we have seen equally colorful leopard prints. Autumnal red wine on white or a black pattern on Violet. In addition to the leopard trend also call Tiger prints and crocodile prints a right to make a fashion statement 2015/2016.

How do I style the Leo-Look?

Properly tame is the look in combination with muted colors, such as black, gray or beige. If you like it a little wilder, combines the leopard pattern with the current autumn colors wine red or dark green. Just a very bright animal print goes well with rich colors, such as red or blue.

Very important: Do not confuse your style not a zoo! Part Animal print per outfit is definitely enough. (Unless you put on several matching accessories with an understated Leo pattern.) If you the pure leopard print too boring, you can mix it with other patterns such as plaid or floral. Here you should but a really good knack for eye-catching style to prove. Also very important: Choose not to sexy your outfit with leopard print, otherwise it acts unintentionally cheap. Not go transparent dresses or blouses with Leopard. The acts quickly vulgar. Basically, also applies: The animal prints best fits a discreet makeup.