Is Harmful To Sleep With A Bra?

The question of the use of the BRA has always been somewhat controversial. Is beneficial or harmful? The point is that around 80% of women use it. However, the real doubt arises when thinking whether it is suitable or not use it while we sleep.

Explain that in this article. The use of the bra is suitable? We have discussed on other occasions about the use of the BRA, but the point is, your use is beneficial or detrimental to the breasts? A study conducted in France by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, for example, showed that the use of this intimate piece doesn’t help much. Not that your use will prevent that, over the years, the breasts end up losing firmness and seem more fallen. But, according to this study, the use of the BRA induces to sagging and appearance of stretch marks. However, there are some names within the medical community to prove its benefits, for example, for women with very large breasts, letting them settled and more comfortable. The secret to the BRA doesn’t cause damage is to choose the most suitable size, that according to the statistics, few women can. Hence, opt for Bras with feichos or very small cups, will compress the breasts and prevent adequate blood flow. If you are one of those people who cannot discard your use, it is important to always be careful to choose the model most suitable and comfortable bra for your body. This is essential. Sleep with or without BRA, that is the question Generally, the experts recommend the use of the BRA at the time of going to bed.


There are studies that warn of something that should be considered. The BRA compresses several lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels, avoiding that the organism can filter and eliminate toxins naturally through the lymphatic drainage. It is worth noting that many of these functions happen overnight, so from then on, increases the susceptibility of fluid retention in the long term can lead to the appearance of possible cysts, fibrous nodules or tumors. The BRA can compress the breasts or part of the armpits, preventing the release of toxins through the lymph, creating a circulatory problem, which may worsen with still another factor to be taken into consideration: the fabric of the BRA causes breast temperature rise, something that in the long term is not good. It is important to remember that the precancerous breast has a higher temperature than those who are healthy. Isn’t it interesting to expose her breasts to this rise in temperature during the nights of sleep. Another aspect to be taken into consideration is that the mama needs some movement to allow the lymph flow. Yet there are those who defend the use of the BRA, however, make some indications: your use is not recommended more than 7 hours per day, nor is it appropriate to use it to sleep. The breasts need to be free, and moves to allow the circulation of lymph and your massage. Remember once again that there is a need for a correct circulation of the lymph and blood so that toxins may be released and don’t pile up. So, if you’re the type of person who is accustomed to using the bra for your comfort, for aesthetics or just out of habit, not use it for more than 7 hours in a row. Now, if you are one of those women who cannot dispense with the use of the BRA to sleep, you need to know that there are bras for night time use. Is a specific internal undergarment. And what’s your secret? Probably want to know … This is a bra that has a good way to separate the breasts and prevent the appearance of wrinkles caused by compression of one against the other. They are made of cotton, without rims or zippers that allow perspiration and movement, and are able to provide a sense of security similar to that which gives the usual use bra. Above all remember that it is essential to use an ideal bra the size of your breasts, avoid those that contain seams, fillers, metal rings and those who oppress the breasts. It is essential, although the ideal is taking the BRA before bedtime, wherever possible.