Iphone SE – Jimmy Kimmel Has Fun With Passersby

Since the team around the American star talker Jimmy Kimmel has come up with a nice test.They went into the street, held passers-by an iPhone 5 under their noses and immediately handed them a second model, which they presented as the new iPhone SE. What the test people did not know: They were victims of a prank.

So Apple has certainly not presented it, as the iPhone SE developed, finally, one can also imagine better feedback. But if your own customers can hardly estimate the product itself, can you still post it as a marketing success? Jimmy Kimmel sent his team to the street and let unconscious passers-bycompare the iPhone 5 with another iPhone 5. The second item, however, they gave as the new iPhone SE. The passersby handed over both smartphones and should now compare them.

Stunning Reactions To “New” Iphone

The reactions were quite astonishing. Although the two devices were the same model, the test persons could not be deterred from identifying any marked differences. So they almost compared apples to apples. The supposedly new iPhone described it as lighter, faster, brighter, and even smaller. Above all, the last point is almost amusing. There were the same devices and nevertheless, alone has the appearance of a new iPhone pure enthusiasm can trigger. Of course, the suggestive questions of the team have a little helped.

Does This Test Say Something?

The prank is by no means representative and does not speak for all Apple fans. The fact that the people concerned could sell properties as innovations, which were actually none, can be described as almost eerie. Theoretically speaking, Apple could also go a step backward and process plastic instead of metal or glass in the shell. Some would rate this as extremely positive, although it is not. It is therefore only to be hoped that such reactions do not happen too often or at least they are not utilized.

The reactions of the passers shown in the video are by the way not really new. Anyone who is more in-depth with user interfaces or mobile operating systems, probably establishes a similar phenomenon. Even if, after an update, no real changes have occurred except for the optics, the appearance of the new can lead to other interpretations. This means not only updates from iOS, but also from other developers’ systems. What is considered new and innovative, this is not always.

What users can learn from this example is a slightly critical look behind the presentation of supposed innovations. Because the suggestive impression of performance and performance is not always compatible with reality.

On the other hand, we can just take the test of Jummy Kimmel simply as funny and amuse ourselves, because even such a confusion of facts would never be undermined. In addition, we can be sure that the iPhone SE is significantly more powerful than it was the iPhone 5.