Iphone SE: Is The Purchase Worthwhile?

Since March 31, it has been there, the Apple iPhone SE. A smartphone in compact format, but with powerful hardware. Is the purchase worthwhile? What can the “Special Edition” of Apple and what is it different from the iPhone 5s? And who could address the 4-inch iPhone?

Is This The Iphone 5?

At first glance, you could consider it an iPhone 5. At least in gray and silver. Would not be the case in Rosé, which launches us when we take the iPhone SE first from its packaging. The dimensions, the shape of the aluminum case – both are similar to the 2012 model. The new iPhone SE is minimally heavier. We speak of one gram and find this not worth mentioning. How similar the two smartphones are, despite the years that separate them, has also shown the small joke of US Talkmaster Jimmy Kimmel, the passersby iPhone 5 and SE compared. Only that it was two iPhone 5.

But no, it’s not an iPhone 5. Not at all. The “Special Edition” from Apple is fresh and modern. It is small, but the screen is big. The hardware from the iPhone 6sincluding the A9 processor and iSight camera with 12 megapixels retracted and ensures the desired performance, which should bring a phone in the year 2016.

First Impression Of Iphone SE

The iPhone SE makes a solid first impression. There are four colors to choose from, we look at the variant in rose gold. Like all Apple phones since the 6th generation, it is made  of aluminum and has a retina display. The iPhone SE is 4 inches tall and delivers a pixel density of 326 ppi at 1136 x 640 pixels. HD is not, but in terms of the pixel density, there is also no difference to the current flagship iPhone 6s-here it is synonymous with 326 ppi. And do we need an HD display for compact smartphones at all?

More specifically

The Compact SE Is Available In Two Memory Sizes with 16 and 64 gigabytes. We want to take a closer look at the iPhone SE with 64 GB. It is noticeable that the aluminum edges of the case are unlike the iPhone 5 matt. The volume buttons are round, the power button is located on the upper right above the display. The fingerprint sensor Touch ID is integrated into the home button. However, this is the 1st generation sensor, which can be found in the iPhone 6, for example.

The hardware largely corresponds to the components of the iPhone 6s. Only on the force touch screen 3D Touch Apple has renounced the 4-Zoller SE. As an operating system iOS 9.3, which scores with Nightshift and safe notes with some new functions, does not have any serious differences to the last version 9.2. having.

The Iphone Comparison

How do they hang together, the iPhone models 5, 6s and SE? The iPhone SE can, in simplified terms, be described as a hybrid version of 5 and 6s; The best of both worlds. Apple had with the SE the much expressed desire for a 4-inch iPhone with current hardware pursued. The table shows the similarities between the most recent iPhones:

The iPhone SE emerges as a powerful representative of the smartphone compact class. A9 dual-core 64-bit and 2-gigabyte RAM make it ideal for demanding apps and games from the Apple App Store.Also video streaming is not a problem for the iPhone SE. It does not have to hide behind the 6s. On the contrary, it provides a similar performance.

Iphone SE: Buy Or Wait?

The comparison of iPhone SE and 6s inevitably leads to the question, for whom the purchase of the 4-inch iPhones is worthwhile. Is the right time now to buy a cheap iPhone? Or should you wait until September, when Apple sends the iPhone 7 into the race?

The Apple team at the March event talked about the fact that many customers still use an iPhone with 4 inches, but want more power. Is this your wish? Then the SE is an alternative that you should think about. In addition, you can go with the iPhone SE 16 GB for 489 euros without contract relatively cheap in the Apple world. For comparison: The iPhone 6s 16 GB costs without tariff 680 euros and thus around 200 euros more. The same difference applies to the 64-gigabyte variants.

Anyone who holds 4 inches for the perfect display size can access the iPhone SE without hesitation.It offers all current connection standards, fast hardware, a fingerprint sensor and the current iSight camera. And it reminds us of a time when the mobile phone still fit comfortably in every pocket.

When Waiting For The Iphone 7 Is Worthwhile

Here is the question: iPhone SE buy or wait for the iPhone 7? Because as much as we like the iPhone SE, it is not a flagship. But it does not have to be. After all, it replaces the iPhone 5s and adds a high-quality entry-level model to Apple’s smartphone portfolio. Forgotten are the times when the iPhone 5c beginners should prepare the way.

4 inches are not the best for any mobile phone size. E-books read on 5 inches or more more convenient and office files can be easily edited on a Phablet like the iPhone 6s Plus with 5.5 inches.

If we assume that Apple 2016 again presented two sizes, iPhone 7 with 4.7 and iPhone 7 Plus with 5.5 inches could appear. With iOS 10 and the A10 processor. Apple could use a quad-core CPU for the first time and achieve better benchmark results. Furthermore, we can assume that iOS 10 surprised us with some innovations.

It’s simple: if you want to have a real flagship from Apple, wait until the fall of the iPhone 7 in the fall. The same applies if the 4 inches are not enough. All others are doing the right thing with the iPhone SE.