Iphone 7 How Good Is It Really?

Even if one can distinguish the iPhone 7 duo almost indistinguishable from its predecessors, the devices are not boring evolutions. n-tv.de shows what’s new, what’s missing and who is worth a purchase.

After n-tv.de in San Francisco first impression of iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus win could, had opportunity to test the new devices in detail now. There were no big surprises here, but a few pronounced AHA.

Both models look exactly like their predecessors on the newly laid antennas recesses, and the flashy cameras, the missing Jack extra speaker holes. Accordingly, it has also feel to keep nothing really new in the hand. Unless you have a device in “Diamond black”. Because then the iPhone 7 until the display is completely wrapped in shiny, smooth piano lacquer-even the antenna cut-outs are painted.

Delicate Diamond Black

This classy looks and feels great too. However, the surface looks not only quickly greasy, you can see every fine scratches on it. And come quickly. After a day of testing, iPhone 7 fine traces first in diamond black showed on the. Apple itself recommends therefore to put the device in a protective case. The matte black version is robust and streak-free.

What you can not see the duo: it is IP67 water and dust proof. This does not mean that it should be make the underwater shots, but an iPhone 7 in the sand or in the water, is you must not worry. In the test, looked the equipment deep into a glass of water and were pulled through the mud without that problems were encountered. However, it was rather cumbersome to flush small grains of sand from the speaker holes and lightning connector.

Cable Only Or Stopgap

Speaking of speakers: that there are iPhone 7 for the first time as a stereo pair, what especially when the plus is clearly heard. The sound is as well as the small device saturated and noisier than the 6s. Normally one uses headphones but for videos, music and games, because it sounds nice and not annoying others. Apple EarPods with Lightningkabel has designed in the packaging, which like the classical predecessors hang more poorly than right in your ears and sound okay.

Would you connect your own headphones with plug, there is a free adapter included. n-tv.de could hear no difference, but, laboratory tests have shown that the intermediate means loss in sound quality. Also, you can listen to music at the same time for cable connections and charge the battery. This is especially bitter for buyers who have very high-quality headphones. Bluetooth is the better choice when the iPhone 7. Apple themselves sold his AirPods for 180 euros, which left a good impression, but must still be tested starting in October.

A Key Of Less

The new home button is less problematic than the missing Jack. He is not more mechanically pressed, but simulates a real button by vibration motors. This is something strange only the first few minutes, then have you become accustomed quickly and be glad that not every crack can mean a costly repair. In the settings, you can set the strength of haptic feedback in three stages. Fits. Also, developers can use the new Taptic engine to complement touch actions through differentiated tactile feedback. Shots from various weapons feel, for example, in shooting games differently.

The display of the iPhone-7 models can shine brighter and portray a wider color range than the 6 s devices. That doesn’t sound particularly spectacular, but it is. Viewed even with the naked eye the screens look gorgeous. You work in direct comparison with their predecessors more diverse and show brighter and more natural colours. A generally warmer tone is striking. The strong impression of the iPhone-7 screen is confirmed by laboratory tests. The experts of “display mate” are enthusiastic about the screen, they have tested so far still no better LCD, they write. Only the display of the Galaxy outshines even the splendour of the iPhone-7 screen note 7. Because the OLED technology of Samsung smartphones allows for more economical, embedded and curved display, is to be expected that Apple adopted at the coming anniversary iPhone from the LCD.

Stronger Than The Competition

At the display the iPhone 7 must be beaten by just test winner note 7, this Apple outclassed his challenger at the performance. The chip A10 stomps merger the competition ground not only in Benchmark Tests . In a direct comparison , makes the grade 7 far behind the iPhone 7, completed a course of tasks much faster. Even more the plus model is expected cut off here, that has more reserves than the 7 series with 2 gigabytes 3 gigabytes of memory. While the 4-core processor works quite sparingly. In the test, both models showed about the same duration as the predecessor. Whether the devices or two hours longer sustain even one, as specified by Apple, it is probably only in the lab to understand.

The new cameras of the iPhone-7 duo are the change most prominent in the truest sense. Both devices have the same 12-megapixel main camera with powerful aperture of f/1.8 and a wide angle lens standard for smartphones.Plus has in addition a second 12 mega pixel-snapping with double focal length.So you have a double optical zoom, which brings objects much closer in the image by changing the camera. In addition you can shoot now finally with a focal length as a standard lens, which approximately corresponds to the natural sight of the eyes.

This pays especially when shooting portraits, because heads let himself be photographed full screen without distortion. You can either simply between the cameras switch back and forth or the change occurs automatically when zooming. This works even with videos, you can see but then significantly through a short Jolt and changed brightness, when the camera switches the Smartphone.

Cameras Are Even Better

The quality of the photos is very good. The sensors of the cameras can represent better colors and brightness differences without HDR mode and low light photos taken show more details than in the darker areas of iPhone – 6 s camera. Prima: Also there is an optical image stabilizer for the small device now. So also with longer exposure times of rare Verwackler occur and videos look quieter. The differences are really daunting to the iPhone – 6 s camera but not and the software tends to blur slightly too much in low light.

Because the use of third-party apps worth maybe. Because they receive photos in the unprocessed RAW format, so users not on the JPGs of the standard app are instructed by the camera. Apple may repair but even the proprietary software, if the Bokeh function to be supplied in the course of the autumn. With it users can highlight subsequently persons or objects, providing the background more blurred. So far but unanswered remained strange that Apple app to the market launch had not finished, questions about the reasons. The 7-megapixel camera on the front provides bright Selfies with also very natural colours.

Excellent, But Not A Must

The bottom line, the iPhone 7 is an excellent Smartphone, which has some important improvements. Above all the new cameras, the optical image stabilizer in the small appliance and water protection are here. The missing Jack is always probably a step in the right direction for owners of high-quality cable headphones but a bitter pill. Overall, the differences to the 6 s models are not so large that a purchase really worth for their owners. Also if you have an iPhone 6, can wait quietly a year. Owners of older device can be accessed, they are currently hardly find a better Smartphone.

If it is not fixed on iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 or Galaxy are 7 quite alternative note. However you can count then not as long and as fast firmware updates like in iPhones. For Google’s new Pixel modelscoming out in October, this would be the case though, their quality is not yet known. If you want a strong Android purists, is safe here with the Huawei nexus 6 p well served, that is with 32 gigabytes from 425 euro.