Iphone 6c: Presentation In March 2016

We had the issue iPhone 6c already in May addressed, now 9To5Mac reported that in March 2016 an Apple event is to take place. The focus: Apple Watch 2 and possibly an Apple iPhone 6c in 4 inches. It has been two years since the iPhone 5c appeared in Germany. A successor of the poppy colorful smartphone seemed recently unlikely.

Does The Iphone 6c Come In The Spring?

Although the annual Apple event will take place in September, events in March are not uncommon.Last year, the Californians introduced the MacBook in 12 inches and the first Apple Watch, in 2012 they announced the iPad with Retina Display. Apple could use the event in March 2016 so to present next to the second Apple Watch the iPhone 6c. The sale of the smartphone could start immediately or in April. And what awaits us?

Iphone 6c With 4 Inch Display

Of course we like to speculate about the equipment of future smartphone generations. Since the two and a half years have passed since the Apple iPhone 5c saw the light of the digital world, we expect a significant increase for the iPhone 6c. The design should orient itself on the iPhone 6, but more compact fail. So far, a 4-inch display is mentioned. We assume that the iPhone 6c gets a retina display. But whether it will dissolve in HD?

Hardware: Questions About Questions

If we take a look at the specifications of the iPhone 5c, the hardware of the iPhone 6c could be based on the previous year’s models:

Dual-Core A8 processor

1 GB of RAM

ISight camera with 8 MP

According to 9To5Mag, a classification between iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s is realistic, the iPhone 6c could even be equipped with the current A9 chip. Regarding the internal memory, we currently tap 16 and 32 GB. An iPhone with 8 GB, as it was still at the 5c and the refreshing 4s, we think is less likely.

A Question Of Price

If the iPhone 6c A9 chip and 2 GB RAM with slightly reduced camera performance, it would be interesting as a compact smartphone not only for beginners. The use of the smaller display in a colorful plastic unibody could make the prices more attractive. For comparison: With us you get theiPhone 6s with 16 GB of Apple for 734.95 euros. The iPhone 6c should be significantly cheaper.

We will learn more in March 2016. And slowly warm up for the idea of ​​the iPhone 7.