Ipanema Sandals Prices

The  Ipanema sandals  gather all the comfort and quality in a single product, and this summer sandals will stand out for its floral effects that were inspired by flower gardens, giving you more femininity, delicacy and movement, are composed of three different the pitfalls models Sandals and clogs.

Ipanema Flora is a line of women’s shoes inspired by flowers and the same takes the flowers to your feet, giving more delicacy and style. This collection has three different styles that are the clogs the sandals and the sandals.

To check every collection enter the site: www.soipanematem.com.br and go to a store and guarantee yours, and stay inside the fashion 2011.

All  Ipanema sandals collection  is very cool, because Ipanema thought of pleasing all kinds of public when it created its line, such as the classic floral, enveloping, masculine, natura, masculine themes, anatomical male Ipanema, anatomical surf, appliqués.

Still thought of the Ipanema applique childlike, chic, classic masculine themes II, underbrush and sandal flora, flora tamanco, happy, new appliques II, new maxi, Summer love sandal and others more. The  prices of Ipanema sandals are very affordable in the consumer’s pocket when compared to other similar brands.

A good example of a good price is the Ipanema shine II sandal in white and black with colored stripes, for a price of R $ 29.80.

We also have an Ipanema anatomical slippers in pink, for a price of R $ 9.90 reais.

Anatomical surfboard Ipanema, for a price of R $ 9.90 reais.

Sandália Ipanema in several colors for a price of R $ 29.90 reais.

Slippers with Ipanema appliqué in several supercoated colors for a price of R $ 12.90 reais.

Ipanema slippers listed in white/pink/blue, very beautiful and modern, for a price of $ 34.99.

Clogs with high sole of many colors and models, you find for a price of R $ 24.99 reais.

Look for yours in the best houses of the branch and do not forget to leave by exhibiting a beautiful model of Sandália Ipanema.