Ipad Air 3 – Presentation On 15 March

Much to improve there is certainly not compared to the iPad Air 2. Nevertheless Apple has also for the 15th March so some surprises in petto. What will change with the iPad Air 3 so you can find out here.

More Power, Faster Processor And Richer Sound Than The Predecessor

Compared to the previous model, the iPad Air 2, the processor will change – the performance will increase from the A8X processor with solid 2GB to the A9X with 4GB of memory.

As is known, however, sound also makes music. MacRumors will also change here. For an even better sound, a loudspeaker extension will provide the Air 2 with four instead of two speakers in the iPad Air 3 and improve the sound quality significantly.

Regarding the dimensions of the devices, utterances of 9to5Mac will not change noticeably much compared to the previous model. According to pending design drawings, the iPad Air 3 will only be 0.05mm thicker and 0.1mm wider than the Air 2. The display size will not change, however, according to the unconfirmed drawings and will continue to provide an area of ​​9.7 inches.

Camera Flash Breaks Light Into The Dark

A truly surprising innovation will delight Apple fans. In the case drawing it can be seen that the camera could get an addition. Unlike the previous devices from the iPad series, probably an iPad is equipped with a camera flash for the first time, which will surely also lighten the mood of potential buyers. In addition, the rear camera itself is another four megapixels to increase and with 12 megapixels to provide even better picture quality.

Smart Connector Connector As With The Ipad Pro

According to computergees, Air 3 will also include the new Smart Connector interface. This connector is used to connect peripherals without the need for a fixed plug connection. So far it is used for the iPad-Pro keyboard, but also third-party players such as Logitech have released their own keyboard versions, which interfere with the Smart-Connector connection.

It is unclear whether the Apple Pencil specially developed by Apple will be used with the Air 3. This should inspire bright joy, especially for designers and illustrators, but it is also a nice gadget for non-professional purposes if it can be used with the new iPad.

Production Problems Prevent 3D Touch Support

Overall, there is agreement that the 3D touch technology, as it was unveiled for the first time with the iPhone 6s, will not be supported by the iPad Air 3. It is rumored, the problems result from the display size with the iPad Air and Pro.

Ipad Air 3 – Price And Availability

After the show on 15 March, the devices are only going to be sold three days later – sales start would therefore be 18 March.

It is estimated that the iPad Air 3 for the release price similar to the previous model.

For 500 euros we will have to spend on the 16 GB Wi-Fi-only variant. Wi-Fi-Only with 64 GB storage will cost us about 600 euros and the model with 128 GB storage space with Wi-Fi-Only is expected to cost around 700 euros.Depending on the configuration, the variants with LTE modules each cost about 130 euros more. The Air 3 is expected in the typical colors-silver, gray and gold. Whether it will also be a roségolde variant and what surprises Apple still holds for us, we probably only on 15 March.