IOS 9.3: That Brings The Update

Since the Apple Event on March 21, I have been waiting for the update on iOS 9.3. Last Friday, iPhone and iPad have pointed out that the update is available. What improvements the update gives me and what it has with the link error and iOS 9.3.1, you can get here.

More Comfort For Iphone And Ipad

As last seen in the whole FBI affair, the privacy of the iPhone and iPad plays an important role. With the update to iOS 9.3, personal data will be better protected. But the developers are not only concerned about security with the current iOS rollout. More convenience in the daily handling of iPhone and iPad is supposed to. For example with a display lighting that adapts even better to the ambient light.

3 Particularly Exciting Ios Features

For me, the points of safety and comfort are exciting. The new fitness features can also be seen. Not to forget: CarPlay and the education area with new Classroom app. For me, the three most exciting features of iOS 9.3 are: Nightshift, notes with touch ID and health. CarPlay I have yet to try.

1. Sleep Well With Nightshift

It is always said to invigorate cold colors while warm colors relax. This is also the case with lighting.At the time of Ambilight for the TV, it is no wonder that Apple wants to increase the operating comfort and well-being. Or what other explanation do you have for Nightshift? The display mode newly implemented in iOS 9.3 regulates the colors on the screen. You can select a warmer or colder color spectrum and specify a time period during which Nightshift is active.

In my test appear between 21 and 6 clock all content on my iPhone in a kind Sepiatoning. According to Apple, warm colors in the evening provide for a better night’s rest. I can not find any difference yet, but it is exciting to play with the display colors. Whether the mode affects the battery life, a separate test would have to show.

You can adjust colors and periods under Settings → Display & Brightness → Nightshift.

2. Note With Password And Fingerprint

We have already worked with the  App Lock application, which packaged content on the smartphone more securely. Allows you to protect apps from unintended third-party access. Apple’s update to iOS 9.3 adds the additional password protection for notes on the iPhone, according to liuxers.

Under Settings → Notes → Password, you can activate the fingerprint sensor Touch ID to save notes and set a password. The password protects you above all, if Touch ID does not work once. I think the function is useful, especially since the Notes app since iOS 9 has supported much more contentand you can use it for more than the usual short reminders.

3. More Data On Health

Even without Apple Watch, Health is an interesting app. Health records your activity and collects some data using the iPhone’s built-in sensors. How precise the measurements compared to the watch or fitness trackers fail, I can not currently judge. Lastly, however, at least the step counter and the distance measurement have delivered correct values.

With iOS 9.3, the range of functions of Health is growing significantly. This starts with new ways to measure the activity and continues with the fact that Health is now easier to connect with fitness and health apps. Apple Watch owners can feed the clock’s data directly into the app and get a good overview of their current fitness level.

Health also provides more detailed values ​​for activity energy and training minutes, just to name two examples. But you can also monitor your sleep with appropriate gadgets and evaluate with Apple Health even better.

By the way, the emergency  accessible via Health is now also an indication of whether your organ donor is or not.

IOS 9.3 And The Link Problems

In addition to new features, the update to iOS 9.3 has also brought some users seem anger. So after the update links have not worked-including Facebook or WhatsApp or even in the mail app. The links could not be clicked on and partly led to app crashes. While my iPhone was not affected by the error after the iOS update, some friends have complained about link problems with iOS 9.3.