Install a Home Alarm System

If you’re thinking about buying an alarm kit to monitor our home or at least to persuade do not come in our home we have to have present the different types of systems to thus guide you to our most current alarms adapts to your home.

Install a Home Alarm System

From, you can download all information in Spanish and see prices for models of alarms.

 1. autonomous alarms

He is surveillance systems that will beep during a time when detecting a moving object or a door opening. Usually can arm or disarm button on the alarm or the remote control if you include it. Some models may include additional features such as taking a screenshot.


  • The economic price of installation. Maintenance fees are not included
  • It does not require any special installation pre


  • It has no greater role that emit a sound deterrent to prevent theft where are installed.
  • Do not let us know by any form, i.e. the alarm will be activated, but does not inform us what happens.

2 alarms with notice by phone

Alarm systems are more common, are based on a central alarm that we can add the listeners need (we have motion, door opening sensors, fire, break glass, vibration, water leak, gas leak,…). At the time one of the detectors added to the central detected one alarm when the alarm is armed, activate the process of sounding the siren (on some models the siren can be disabled) and let us know via SMS or phone call if we have configured it for such use.

2.1 alarms with fixed telephone line

They are usually cheaper models that the GSM version, since they are designed with a RJ11 connector for inserting a phone cord and thus make a call using the phone line when an alarm is detected.


  • Fixed-line systems are more economical that include GSM
  • If we have fixed line where you want to install it it is an economical option to be able to let us know


  • It is necessary to have a landline at home
  • If you cut the telephone line alarm could not let us know

2.2 alarms with slot for a SIM card

GSM alarms include a slot to insert a GSM phone card and in case of alarm, let us know via SMS or call from the alarm occurred. This call / SMS is in charge of the SIM card installed by the user.


  • When you connect via GSM, no prior installation, only an operating SIM card with a minimum balance is not necessary
  • If you do not have a previous installation pre is a solution can adapt to almost any installation


  • It is necessary to have a SIM card and pay for calls or SMS by the alarm centre
  • You should periodically check the card SIM has enough balance.
  • Check has good coverage in the place where to install the alarm

2.3 combination of both systems.

Some alarms models combine both systems, including RJ11 connector to use a landline phone or slot to insert a SIM card


  • They can adapt to any installation, either with fixed line if available or SIM card


  • the price is higher usually that only has a SIM card slot
  • Only a configuration can be used at the same time. Either notice through the fixed line, or via SMS

3 alarms connected to central alarm:

Solution complete it may be hiring alarm with a security company that provides connection to an alarm central, in such a way that if the alarm detects an intrusion when Navy let us know directly from the alarm centre.


  • By using the services of a company we ensure always are operating without take care of any maintenance alarm


  • It has a cost of installation higher than an alarm Center
  • It requires a fee for maintenance to the central alarm

4. the best home alarm is:

You have all the information, now you only need to assess some factors in order to decide that alarm is best suited to your installation:

You should assess:

  • Maintenance cost: It is already connected to a CRA (Central station alarms) or let us know directly, all have a maintenance cost:
    • Fee for maintenance to a company of alarms
    • Cost of calls if it is a landline or a GSM line.
  • The cost of installation: Whether an alarm connected to a central alarm or alarm GSM, fixed,… You must assess the cost of the alarm
  • Information is obtained: i.e. If you only want the alarm emits a sound, or want to know when the alarm has been activated and the State of the property.
  • If you want to take care of the maintenance or want another company be responsible for the
  • The value of the place will protect the alarm: It is not as if you want to perhaps protect a shed, which may be enough if you want to protect the residence, you want a system more complete with an audible alarm.

Best alarm in our opinion

In our opinion, we recommend you visit our website our site you will be able to have:

  • A wide range of alarms of all kinds, from alarms autonomous, to alarm systems WiFi with management from an AP
  • Documentation in Spanish, videos, manuals,… they will help you with the configuration of the alarm
  • Large catalog of accessories as reinforced controls, keyboard, sensors for presence of various models you will serve to make your kit custom
  • Some models personalized voices in Spanish you will help manage the alarm in an easier way.
  • Download free apps and documentation in Spanish for their management from your mobile
  • And of course a price set to alarm you need

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