Ideas For Making A Candy Bar

The table that most triumphs in the wedding

If you are organizing your wedding, surely you are already aware of all the nuptial tendencies and, of course, the famous Candy Bar. This is the sweetest corner of the entire wedding, where guests are offered several types of mouth-watering sweet snacks. We give you ideas to organize a Candy Bar that no one can resist!

Surprise your guests

Mid-afternoon or midnight is the perfect time to shop around the Candy Bar. It’s not a simple table with trinkets, it’s a lot more. It is a corner decorated with love that can convey the whole essence of the wedding. You can even put it near your book of signatures, so anyone who goes for a sweet, you can leave a dedication with the best taste.

Cupcakes are the kings of these little tables. They are so beautiful that by themselves they decorate the corner. You can adapt these sweets to the style of decoration chosen based on Everhomedecor. Also, if you have a good hand in the pastries, you can encourage them to make them yourselves. In our kitchen channel you can find many recipes of cup cakes to which more appetizing.

A table for the sweet tooth

The choice of types of sweet is in your tastes. Apart from the cup cakes, you can fill the table with cakes, donuts , cake pops and everything that happens to you. The trinkets and jelly beans are also very popular. If you prefer a vintage or rustic style, it is not necessary to fill the Candy Bar with colors, but you can opt for the latest trend in wedding cakes, naked cakes.

For people who do not like the sweet do not go hungry, you can always choose to add some savory snack, such as sandwiches. You may think this is not glamorous, but you can always decorate them and make fun shapes. It’s your wedding, you choose!

Decorate your Candy Bar

In addition to sweets, the decoration around this corner is very important. For starters, the table where they are served can have a special design, as it looks like a cart, or put as a tablecloth a fine lace fabric. They are touches that bring personality.

Other details you can place are frames with pretty phrases or pics of the bride and groom.Blackboards are also very fashionable for making posters. All this can be accompanied by a garland for table or pompoms, both on the wall and hanging from the ceiling. Ideas that remain at your choice!

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