I Need A New Large Leather Bag! But I Can’t Find Any

Woman can Yes not enough have pockets. Bags like shoppt wife (eventually eliminates frustration-“fits non-sits not too small to closely stories”). A woman needs a bag. Men is not, apparently the stuff keys, cell phone and wallet in his pants or jacket itself, but women have more: makeup, mini deodorant, small hand cream, hat, PIN, block, etc. I like to drag around the half furniture with me.

The following article from BAGLIB.COM will show you what women like about a bag and what not, why, and what they are actually looking for – but unfortunately not find. Maybe you have a tip?

My Claims To A Beautiful Bag That Is Both Practical And Functional:

  1. She must be mainly GROOOOß.See above I have always a lot. I need space. Please at least 40 cm in width.
  2. I want a bag to the transverse cloaks, known as: cross-over.So I got the hands free.
  3. It should be simple please!No 1000 rivets or buckles, without much fuss.
  4. Must be Wenns but also red, green black or for me the best alternative: a friendly gray, Taupe if necessary. Whereas red or green like to bite with the outfit fits almost all clothes. I do not like to constantly change my bag I need as far as possible compatible part that fits with any clothing color.
  5. With length-adjustable wide! No narrow strap the shoulder crushes me, but a wider, softer comfortably distributes the weight of.The safety belt may be too short, because then depends on the bag at a height which I can’t stand. Just for curvy women, the belt must be still longer than lean at that bag runs through the volume upwards.
  6. Also, I want a bag that has just a long zip up.Nothing to the parent valves, no snap, button or something else where I have long fingers around. But a simple hole in which I can quickly clean long if I need anything.
  7. Inside, the bag must have some divisions and compartments.Otherwise, you’ll find nothing more gor back in the crowd.
  8. And please in the landscape.Not vertical or square, but wide. Not too high then I must sink the whole arm all the way down to find what.Also be rounded off. Not too square. She must eventually adapt my rounded shapes.
  9. My new bag to please be made of leather.Nice soft and supple. With synthetic leather I have had bad experiences: scratched quickly, not so nice clings and unfortunately often cheap looks.

But do you think I find son thing? I’m looking for 2 years now. But I’ve seen even a bag with these requirements.

Is it so difficult? So seldom wanted? Am I alone?

Can I not imagine.

In The Shop, 70% Of All Women Wanted A Shoulder Bag. Necessarily.

Must we constantly carry what nix little in the hands or hanging over your arm. What is us constantly in the way. Where we don’t have free hand.Totally impractical kind.

And 60% want a large bag. Mini-fitzelkleine bags look usually quite lost on big luscious women. The more you are your bag may be the greater.

In aunts & uncles I found that come close to my desire bag a couple of bags, but the 100% matching is there still. And if – then it’s mini small. It seems the shape not to give big.

So you know roughly what I long:

So Similar To My New Favorite Bag Please Ausssehen:

The style in this direction:

Positive: relatively large (this is 35 x 31 cm), wide belt, relatively simple

Negative: Rollover, patch pockets.

This next one here likes super by the color. This yellow blends actually to everything I have in the closet. Is a hit for red, green, and purple-to-black and grey she also perfectly. Unfortunately, she is but.. too small (20 x 13 cm) and has this rollover. I would accept me if necessary still. With the size but not:

Also this one I like it quite well, but please in landscape format and with zip. The color would be a blast! The Crinkle-look can be, but also does not have.

Do you have a tip for me where I can get kind of a bag online? I’m I me very about your suggestions and already say: “Thank you!”

She may like to 100 euros, if must also 150,-euro cost, but many more don’t.