Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle

Emptied of its water, this plastic Hydrapak Stash bottle compresses strongly. Successful test, except for one thing.

You certainly know Hydrapak, expert to pockets of water bags on the back of outdoor recreation (trail or mountain BIKING, for example).

Hydrapak Stash bottle is a close relative of his pockets of water. It is made of soft but durable plastic (devoid of BPA and PVC tells us the manufacturer). Filled, the 750 ml bottle can stand alone. Each end is harder. Once emptied of its water, the bottle Hydrapak Stash can compress. Closed, the set is a shell, a capsule about 8 cm in diameter. Small detail, the tongue that allows to hang the bottle.

On the ground
Often carried in my backpack, this bottle Hydrapak Stash has proved practical. More or less filled in leaving home, she took less and less volume as water consumption. However, after several weeks of use, the taste of departure added by walls persists. The water is not undrinkable but this chemical taste is not pleasant, even if it subsides slightly thereafter.

Price €17.

I like
The effective compressibility.
The quality of manufacturing.
The port tab.

I don’t like
Persistent taste to the water.


To optimize its space, adapt the volume of the bag backpack for example according to its needs, this Hydrapak Stash bottle is convenient. Its plastic is strong enough more that it was initially feared. My only criticism is that taste, this chemical flavor that the bottle continues to give water, even after several weeks of use. An area for improvement.