Hunting Bargains Android: for Moto E and Much More

We opened this section of bargains where we will try to search across the network the more interesting deals in question of Android. We will have both mobile as tablets and all kinds of accessories and applications that we find ourselves at one very interesting price

  • We start with one of the handsets that we recommend most for those who want to phone, basic cost-effective still free. The Motorola Moto E right now at Amazon is a skimpy 119 euros both in white and black. We also have it at the same price on PC components in the black version
  • You can so little power other than what many expect, but fortunately it is always us a range medium which without a doubt is very dear, the Motorola Moto G. In addition right now is reduced and we can get 8 GB for 159 euros model, or something less if we decide to have one second hand
  • Already a time which has left the Samsung Galaxy S5, with what we already have the opportunity to get it at a price more chord for mortals. At the moment in Pixmania 549 euros have it
  • The same is true with the HTC M8, for lovers of design and feel premium, which will remain the same even if we can save a little. In PC components we find it by 565 euros or 499 euros in Rakuten
  • In Carrefour, we also have some ways to save money, but it is not a discount direct, but with a discount in the form of a voucher for the amount of VAT on tablets and phones. For example we have the Unusual Pocket Vortex If you want something modest for 40 euros or one I – JOY SCOOBY II for 59.90 euros if we want something designed for the little ones
  • Is never more have a cable to take advantage of the USB OTG many terminals, since it may help us much if we want to have great multimedia content to play cone l mobile or tablet. In PC components we have it at the bargain price of 1.45 euros or 2.95 euros if you want to be a little nicer, is that I have and am delighted to.
  • For those looking for one more professional Tablet option, we can get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pro for 349 euros in Rakuten while that we can find it at Amazon for 411 euros.
  • We went to applications and games, where also we can save if we well. This time we can get the game Monument Valley for 2.99 Euro if we decided to buy it at Amazon, rather than spend the 3.59 it costs Google Play
  • We must not forget the Humble Bundle which will give us several good games for the price you want and to get them all only have to pay approximately four euros