Huawei Begins to Do Homework: Already Would Be Testing Android or The 9 Matt

A few weeks ago appeared the first ‘Developer Preview’ Android o that, while he didn’t have too many innovations in appearance, if hiding some interesting features that can make use of our easy smartphone. As it can not be otherwise, the first to try this prior version were the holders of a Pixel and certain Nexus models of the most recent.

But it was a matter of time before some other manufacturer is encouraged to start testing Android or, and this time the first was Huawei. The terminal chosen for these internal testing has been Matt 9, curiously the first manufacturer out with box Nougat.

In the image that you can see on this line, we see that, indeed, the model used is Huawei Matt 9, specifically the version Chinese)MHA-AL00), being the MHA-L29 international. A detail that can mosque more than one is, precisely, the Android version is plugged in the image.

The version of the customization layer is 5.1 EMUI, It came from the factory with the Huawei P10 and Honor 8 Pro, that he would understand that the Chinese manufacturer has not developed even a new version of its interface. However, there are some things that Yes give to understand that real Android or is going through Matt 9 Chinese internally in its previous version.

How can this previous version of Android or in Matt 9 is working?

The developer who is testing the first pre-release of Android or a a ‘senior’ member of XDA-Developers known as duraaraa, he encountered two problems. The first is that the Wi-Fi connection not funcionabana, the second is that Google Play did not work.

In the first case, the problem was not in the compilation, where the WiFi works without problems, but in that I had the firmware of Huawei P10 installed, so returning to the terminal itself, it was solved. To be able to make Google Play work, the developer had to install shop handmade.

The theme of the firmware of the P10 was part of another experiment, which showed that flasehar could be smoothly in Huawei Matt 9, although, as we have seen, the Wi-Fi didn’t work, with it not recommended to do this experiment at the moment. The ROM of Android or earlier, by the way, comes pre-rooted for the internal use of development.

Once installed, the author of the article on XDA-Developers asked duraaraa if he was able to use the feature of Android or ‘ Picture-in-Picture’, to which recently replied with the image you can see a little further up. In it you can see how there is a YouTube video running in a small window while the main desktop is displayed.

Although these tests appear to be enough reliable together with the fact whether it is a senior member of XDA (which even made available to download the ‘boot’ and two recoveries for 5.1 EMUI/Android or in your forum thread), We ask for caution and, if you decide to try it, keep in mind that only would run (to know) in the Chinese version of the Mate 9.