HTC Writes Again Red Figures After Slump In Sales

The Smartphone pioneer does not come to rest: after the new flagship of HTC one M9 apparently can not meet the hopes of the manufacturer came in the second quarter again the loss zone.

After the sales Ahlen HTC recently promised some hope, the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer is 2015 again slipped in the second quarter in the red. According to preliminary figures released by the company on Monday in Taipei, the turnover of 65 billion Taiwan dollars (NTD) collapsed in the previous quarter to 33 billion NTD (967 million euros). After a gain of 2.26 billion NTD in the second quarter of 2014 HTC declared April a loss of 8 billion NTD (235 million euros) for the period to June.


Last year, HTC had come back better after the first loss in the company’s history in the track. The presented early 2014 Smartphone one M8 could not fulfill the hopes, but it helped the manufacturer back in the black. The M8 was available already in April 2014, 2014 is reflected also in the sales of the second quarter. For the final quarter of 2014, HTC recorded sales growth again for the first time.

The successor of HTC one M9 presented at the Mobile World Congress 2015 was later launched and could give so far apparently no great impulse. According to reports by TimelessTablets the paragraph of the HTC one M9 phone is significantly behind its predecessor. The Smartphone pioneer HTC, which brought the first Android phone on the market and belongs to the best in the business, has lost the connection on the top tier. Especially the low cost makes the manufacturer to create but equal competition from China.

Change of course

The Taiwanese company is trying to adapt to the new conditions and to set up wider. After with a flagship no State is to make more HTC wants to diversify now and in addition to mid-range Smartphones also other classes of device on the market. In addition to the VR glasses Vive, that has ever shown HTC at MWC in Barcelona, there is a fitness Tracker and rumors about a Smartwatch. The problem for HTC: In all of these segments the competition is fierce and already on the market.

In the second quarter, de relapse shows how difficult is the healing process with HTC. This familiar the manufacturer no longer on the healing hands of founder Peter Chou, the the Taiwanese contract manufacturer from 2008 to the one of the large Smartphone brands had made. In March, Chou had to clear his head post, since the previous Board of Directors Chief Cher Wang leads the HTC group. Chou stays on board and more to take care of the development. (vbr)