HTC Rhyme in the Test

Casual, good display, smart user interface with plenty supplied accessories, the HTC rhyme is a top model of Android’s upper middle class. Connect has tested the unibody compact smartphone.

Even if the Smartphone trend is now more and more in the direction of big screen beyond the 4-inch mark, enjoy the smaller models with more manageable dimensions of remains very popular. The new rhyme by HTC has iPhone-like dimensions, a 3.7-inch screen, a compact unibody enclosure with high quality of grab.

Its stylish shell made of aluminium and plastic is silver, beige and violet in three shades in the variants available. This is the alu component part and central part of the Housing Ckens limited its shielding effect compromised not the radio characteristics of the Smartphone. the rest is made of slightly rubberized and very well processed plastic. Engineers and designers have a good compromise found anyway, the transmitting and receiving qualities lie in the UMTS and GSM operating on average, but quite acceptable level. Thus, the rhyme in combination with the solid, slightly faltering only in the direction of send Acoustic measurements in the laboratory test proves good overall properties of telephony.

Convincing display and sense

Colors appear on the capacitive display intense, vivid content. The pixel density is at a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and a screen area of 48 x 81 mm crunchy 252 dpi, so that fonts, icons, images and Web pages appear nicely sharp. Also, space is on the display to accommodate lots of content or an easily operated virtual Writing desk. Four sensor buttons that light up in low-light conditions to better detect are placed below the screen. The sensors solve at BERU? currency fairly quickly from; who is traveling too fast between the touchscreen and sensor field, is immune in the settling-in period from incorrect entries.

The installed Google operating system Android 2.3.5 has HTC with its own interface sense 3.5 refined – and this even a Stu? ck far fu? r optimizes the rhyme. For example, a new widget that side arranges the main channels and enables faster access to its content is located on the home screen by default. Up to four customizable shortcuts can be place and directly start without having to lift the screen lock on the LockScreen. Various scene modes the user can his latest appearance and hits the start screens

Needs, about leisure and Office modes with each prominently placed music player or calendar widgets. The main menu? alphabetically lists all installed applications, are already factory more than 60 entries found. To achieve a better overview, makes the software with the vertical scrolling SPRU? length in 16 steps, alternatively a list view is possible. Apps can sort is also available by date and frequency.

HTC in generous mood

Software addons HTC not saved, has to include the highlights: an Office suite, a video portal, a FM radio, Task Manager, the far-reaching integration of Facebook and Twitter in the system, as well as some nice filter fu? r the overall very decent 5-megapixel camera. Uninstall can not these applications easily however, who verfu? available device memory is therefore limited to less than 1 gigabyte. Dafur HTC sets with an 8 gigabyte large memory card in the box, and is also very generous: included with include a docking station, the light cube “Charm”, in-ear – headphones and a leather pouch. So the whole fun of duration is firmly installed battery is it good six hours in the daily mix, what term corresponds to a full day even with heavy use.

Fur shortlisted

Who has nothing on the hat with the current big-screen madness and would prefer a more compact model can take the HTC rhyme in the shortlist. It is solidly built, offers abundant soft – and hardware equipment and u can thanks to 1 gigahertz chip set with its most brisk performance? convince. Only the recommended price of almost 480 euros is very high – but EIAs and street prices are pair of boots is well known that two.