HTC 2 Mini One Unveils Its Price and Can Already Be Booked in United Kingdom

The renewal of the catalogue of the leading manufacturers are in the process, and the majority of heavyweights 2014 already on the shelves, turn to the revision of the other ranges, envelope “mini”, those devices that inherit the nomenclature of a high range to keep packing media, but slimming on price and performance making it more attractive for more users.

The next to arrive will be the HTC mini One 2, presented a couple of weeks ago and that It is now available for your reservation in United Kingdom, but without haste that Yes, because estimated shipping date is set for June 30.

It is the first version which reaches the market of the new HTC One M8, also expected the One M8 ACE, and the reduction of their benefits will come accompanied by a lowered price until the 359.95 pounds, about 442 euros to change that perhaps it seem high on its direct competition.

For who does not remember, we are talking about a smartphone screen SuperLCD 2 of 4.5 inches and HD resolution 720 p, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset with four core processor at 1.2 GHz, memory of 1 GB for RAM and 16 GB expandable internal storage, as well as main 13 megapixel camera, front-5 megapixel camera, full connectivity to LTE and 2,100 mAh battery.

A sure bet for the most affordable market, with HTC and mimbres quality to become a best seller, because surely it will have hollow at best prices in the catalogs of major operators, and also its price will become more attractive with the substantial rebate that usually suffer the Terminal past the first weeks on the market.