How You Respond Right When You Get Pregnant Again While Breastfeeding

Now it happened?

Whether it’s faster than planned or unplanned… or also planned…

If you still nursing and realize that you’re actually right now pregnant, questions friends maybe now 1000.

Your breastfeeding child was perhaps already big friends some days – but at the same time but still so small! It still needs you. And also pregnant clothing from

But: you do that now even?

Don’t worry–ad hoc reactions are inappropriate.

Much will now be tackled if you have even the free choice of the place of your birth and your birth Companion. It is good if you you care at an early stage.

Take your time alone!

Response 1: Be happy!

Before loud thoughts confused Warr you’ve forgotten perhaps.

Hey  …du are pregnant


Clearly a lot will change as a result. But it does not anyway every day?

Look how much your breastfeeding child currently week-to week and month-to-month changes. You’re always in new your needs to fit the situation.

First, the time has come to take a deep breath and then the smile full of mysterious anticipation in the face insert is now.

Response 2: relax!

Certainly, you can remember that you had many questions in the first weeks of your first pregnancy.

“Sex is allowed in the first weeks of pregnancy?” is there, for example.

And now there is also the question of whether you can continue breastfeeding. If you endanger the baby who is drawn just so…

Now. Probably you have taken in the past few days and weeks not careful and your breastfeeding child still keep, as is customary when you just.

Still, the new baby has found the way to you.

No one exactly knows where your way from here continues.

Typically, during pregnancy, breastfeeding is entirely unproblematic.

You can relax so for now!

Reaction 3: Listen to your body!

Your body tells you very closely whether breastfeeding is just possible – or not.

By the changed hormone situation, it can be at an early stage so that your breasts are generally more sensitive.

Maybe sucking while breastfeeding is unpleasant.

Or even just “plain”, that your breastfeeding child become larger satisfies just not more so calm, like a little baby.

Should occur during your pregnancy bleeding or a uterine contractions, it may also be that influenced your decision to continue breastfeeding.

It may also be that you like take this nursing close emotionally.

Listen to you and your feelings well. You’re all right! You’re all right!

You continue nursing your child because it is important to carefully deal with his needs. It is to learn that mindfulness is an important asset.

Your child will not learn but regardless, becoming only a Mindfulness consumer. It should be after and to learn to be also a Mindfulness player.

Our children learn in our model. So it’s just very important that you are providing your own mindfulness.

At the latest if you suffer in silence, it’s time to come into the conversation and to find solutionsthat meet your needs so that none of you two must suffer the masses.

Response 4: Talk to your breastfeeding child!

It is already to a large extent also depending how old is your breastfeeding child at the time of the new pregnancy.

Your breastfeeding child must know first once still nothing about the pregnancy. Maybe this is too abstract.

If is uncomfortable to you or you have a bad day – what is the trigger doesn’t matter.

Talk to your child.

Regardless how old is it. No matter for how “likely” it think, understand your words.

It can not smell definitely, that something else is.

Maybe the milk has become less… Then you can tell him – “man, if you suck, and there is no milk is totally uncomfortable. Please still on the other side.”

Or the tumble is too much… “Come on – we make cozy’s silence. You may put your hands very quiet there. The hands are please quite quiet. While breastfeeding”…dabei you can whisper.

Avoid to emphasize what you want to do your breastfeeding child. Many young children confuse this duplicate information!

Reaction 5: Think!

Try to figure out what’s bothering you and how you more patient and more easily can experience it as accurately as possible.

Yes: not bear… but experience.

It’s you, who decide in the pregnancy (only once) continue to breastfeed. It’s no burden for you!

Of course, all your decisions have impact.

On you.

Your breastfeeding child.

On your baby.


Find out what drives you to your thoughts.

There are fears that driving any decisions to make? Fears are usually not a particularly good Advisor…

Or would you like breastfeeding only therefore must continue, because you think that you’ll meet your breastfeeding child, otherwise? Even then, the fears to the fore have again pushed.

Much more important than the question of “what?” is often “how?”…

While breastfeeding more frequently after the “how?” held after ask “what?”

That’s why it’s good, if you like. Notice that prolonged breastfeeding does friends no longer good alternatives to look and to breastfeed may prefer more frequent and only briefly. For example until you have counted up to 100?Or a story from a reading book for long?

Or you know that you would rather not as often like to breastfeed. Then you can eg. offer your breastfeeding child always before something to drink. Until you do a few sips “this” and then some breastfeeding. When the first thirst is deleted it can be that your breastfeeding child again is suddenly your mind is the interesting game.

It is quite often possible to find solutions that do all good depending on the age-appropriate and individual needs of your breastfeeding child and dependent on your ur own needs .

Of course, it may get also to situations, where conflicts still unfulfilled desire come to light. No question.

Then apply it to solve these disputes in the sense of all those involved.

Response 6: periodically repeat reactions #3 #6!

Week will change much by week with your pregnancy.

No one can predict, wherever it leads, if you continue breastfeeding.

The still-life is carved just not set in stone.CLICK TO TO TWEET

The still-life is carved just not set in stone. And your and your choices, needs, and desires not.

Maybe come on days on which you want to – put through several quiet breaks simply because you just need them.

Maybe days, where you’re very thankful that there are breastfeeding to common breaks come.


Even though you now invited another baby to you, doesn’t mean that you have to push away your breastfeeding child.

Maybe, you’ll notice that there will be stages in pregnancy, where’s still really wants to fill his tanks of need for.

It may be that breastfeeding helps you – or it will be you unbearable.

No one can tell whether the time is right to stop – or to continue.

If you choose to bluff and to prepare you on a tandem breastfeeding, further questions will come up.

It can also be that your milk at a time will have gone back just so, that your breastfeeding child quite voluntarily seeking access to other food & calm methods.

Many, many ways are open to you!

Do you want very specific fears, questions, or concerns to the breastfeeding during pregnancy or discuss with me in preparation for the tandem breastfeeding?

Verena Tamhane is just their second child. Their experience with the preliminary advice on breast-feeding:
“Before the interview I felt, knowing not everything what I need to know to be prepared. Also, I had spoken with any professional person, or a person with personal experiences on the subject. That have somehow missed. After our counselling session I feel now more secure and also reinforced. In addition are my answers to open questions have been and I prepared makes me feel better to the situation. It was a quiet and friendly advice. In addition, you noted my opinion that real knowledge is behind what you say.Has the confidencefor me personally.”

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