How to Wear Skirt for Work

I want a woman with her skirt, she sang many years ago Roberta Flack. Apparently, it’s the same tune that goes through my head of those who work in the company, worldwide, at least according to a recent study.

Unless you are women of tremendous power, faithful friends of the trousers, like Hillary Clinton or Angela Merkel (sopravvenendo to the risk of another statesman you define little soberly …), scientists ensure that women in business who wear the skirt are perceived as highly successful female figures.

Professor Karen Pine, who led the research at the Department of psychology of the University of Hertfordshire, is certain of this result after having probed the perceptions of 306 volunteers, who were asked to assess the status of personality after seeing images of women differently dressed, and for only three seconds. With some variations designed to determine if and how certain types of clothing were more closely associated with the concept of success.

A test on first impression that denied the equation between menswear and index of professional reliability, because women with classic suits are those perceived as more successful. Comparison of perception in reality, as it is shown how those women have higher wages.

Thedressexplorer suggests that women can still get dressed so feminine while continuing to be perceived as safe and successful. A good gown with the skirt is in balance between professionalism and attractiveness.

There are those who, interviewed by the Telegraph, made an observation: perhaps the effect of suit-Pant, disruptive innovation in fashion in the late 1980s (thanks in particular to the Italian Prêt-à-Porter) has exhausted its vitality.

In short, a fashion and cultural step as is often get confused between them is recorded by sociologists, is introjected in our taste and changes the behavior of people and the environment in which they operate.

So, today, we can say that if you want to get ahead, it’s better not to behave too aggressive and masculine. And even when you arrive at the top, you will want to skirt: everyone will think you are powerful enough to afford it.