How to Wear Long Coats

If I were to suggest to you a unique key to use and abuse in this cold winter, without a shadow of a doubt would be it: the mighty coat -one that goes beyond the line of the waist and down up to their hips (or more!). Especially here in the South, where low temperatures invite us to bet on food production and full of style, this type of coat is a great ally in choosing what to wear. Elegant and practical at the same time, he quickly becomes the star’s look, and do not need much more to get around dressed nicely. That’s because the coat is a super easy to combine.


1.Trench Coat + Skinny

A model of type trench coat looks great when worn with skinny jeans and another hit of the season: the boots over the knee (above the knee). Combine with that bag that you love and that’s made the production!

  1. White + Caramel

And who says that light shades do not look good in the winter? A look all white or off-white, used with caramel-toned coat, let the visual super stylish. To break the sobriety and give a touch more fashion, opt for a shoe in animal print. On colder days, you can replace the shirt by knitting a sweater.

  1. Miniskirt + Turtleneck

If you like young and modern look, try combining the long coat with miniskirt and Turtleneck Sweater. Feet, instead of the traditional boot, a shoe with laces and heel is a comfortable option and current.

  1. Zipper

The zipper closure model is a great alternative to the classic buttons. With lisa blouse and jeans, there’s no chance of error. If it is not so cold, the tip is to combine with a heel Sandals to make the look more sexy.

  1. Black & White

The classic double black & white can also appear on the jacket. Already commented with you here in the column as this color combination is chic, and look great in any production. Use with a total black look and let the coat being the center of attention.

  1. Classic

For the most classy, a gray scale output with tailoring pants do beautiful even at work. To let the girly look, perfect accessories Valley: a nice belt and a neckerchief complement the look with charm and elegance.