How to Wear Dungarees 2016

Many still probably know from childhood and since last year it is celebrating its fashion comeback. The talk is called by the overalls, also dungaree. After she was middle of the 19th century mainly worn as work pants or coveralls and had established itself over time as a classic children’s pants, the fashion world is celebrating thedungarees now in all its facets.

The History of Dungarees

Already in the 70s dungarees Been once the subject of a trend movement. Even the early 90s at the time of the grunge movement were announced not only in women but also in men overalls. However, after they disappeared in the fashionable sinking and were only appreciated by expectant mums as practical and comfortable maternity clothes. Especially the latter properties are good reasons why the overalls has become again a comeback and used correctly the absolute must-have for a trendy look.

Further characteristic of the trousers eponymous Latz is forward, the most up over her breast and adjustable straps that extend from the bib over the back and the trousers give their support. Especially the function of the carrier provides for a high level of comfort, as the Confederation of waist and hip is not as usual tight fitting to prevent slipping, but the carrier leaves a lot of room.

For some time, more and more designers and fashionistas now find pleasure in the dungaree as trendy wear.joined to the aforementioned characteristics of a comfortable dungarees are countless opportunities for kombinierfreudige outfits and casual looks. Usually is processed as a substance known from the denim jeans. In addition to high durability of this material also scores with super customization options with different washes.

What You Should Pay Attention When Styling?

Overalls are not necessarily a grateful trend, if one is not now under way with the size and the dimensions of a top model. Therefore, we would like to give some styling tips for different body types you here.

Long legs and wider hips If you are very large and your character has slightly wider hips, you should not cut loose overalls, but a pair of pants with skinny section select. Instead of a high-waist variant you should also make sure that the pants rather sits on the hip and the better for your body proportions maps. Along with a slight wash and a fitted denim dungarees emphasizes the then very beautiful your feminine silhouette. It also looks at very long legs also really cool when you hochkrempelst trouser legs slightly.

Petite And Small

For particularly small and narrow body measurements you should especially dungarees in baggy look are particularly well. The wide cut and deep-seated step makes optically longer legs. Additional design elements such as zippers provide additional eye-catcher. So your outfit does not drift into a baggy look, you make the baggy pants with a tight shirt or top to emphasize, so also a nice feminine touch is included in the look.

Large Busts

Women with a large bust generally have unfortunately their problems with trends such as jumpsuits or dungarees. It is therefore all the more important in this figure type to find a perfect fitting pants. Black or other dark colors provide a sleek appearance and a widely excised breast or bib constitutes bust convey playfully scene without the wrong impression. If you want to defuse the look still further and your bust not like RESET at the center, try again with a colorful top or a sweet shirt.

Short Legs

Women with short legs often have a difficult relationship with pants because they do not necessarily flatter proportions. A solution may be but to choose pants with a wide cut and then to wear one size smaller, then the pants often sits like a glove and avoids an unfavorable appearance – in the event that the legs are too long, you can edit this also casual roll up. The smaller size is usually accompanied by a higher seat at the waist and the cut thus sits on the legs and buttocks significantly better. With adjustable straps, you can make sure that the overalls is ideally located on the upper body and stressed it pretty well.

Styling / Outfits With Dungarees

At the word “dungarees” many have thought of you determined directly Peter Lustig or Super Mario. But there are quite a few styling and outfits that cast the overalls her childish or playful nature and involve fashionably appealing in your look. Details such as cuts, a failed washing, scuff or embroidered bags – just everything toward destroyed look – make the standard Dungarees very quickly it-piece out of his pants.

In general for the coming spring suit a dungaree especially on the head numerous accessories, including: cool caps, beanies in oversize size, casual boho hats with wide brims and round sunglasses. In addition, you should refrain from overly playful objects towards Hippielook and instead rely discreet jewelry like bangles wide or eccentric earrings in gold or silver to be rather appear more grown up to the look. If you jewelry is rather annoying, you can wear a bag to and so achieve the same effect a clutch or Satchelbag. When wide-cut dungarees addition, a belted waist for a feminine touch care and makes the trousers do not act too broad and plump.


As already mentioned once, the dungaree is quite grateful garment for combinations of all kinds. In the upper parts there are no limits as practical set. For example, making a long-sleeved shirt with horizontal stripes quickly and easy a maritime look that fits perfectly in the spring and loose freshness emanates. Even a so-called “Double Denim” are easily achievable. It is important that you mayest it with a denim shirt or a denim jacket that they have a different shade of color, for example, by a cool wash, have as your pants. For the boldest among you or those who like to show a little more skin, wearing only a Crop or bandeau top for a sleek and sexy look under the bib. Go on the other hand for a more mature or more discreet look chic blouse or a thin turtleneck. Also elegantcoats and oversize blazer fall into this category and give the overalls in combination a mature appearance.


For shoes, it behaves much like the tops. In principle, everything but does not go must-of course in coordination to outfit and look. For example, white sneakers Thanks to the current trends athleisure total in; with a wide baggy dungarees it looks but all too quickly for a baggy look. Better would be in this case, colorful ballerinas, pointy flats or gladiator sandals for the evening and go out can be used in any case in high heels. Pumps or high heel sandals give the overalls depending on styling an elegant look and “break” the very material-heavy outfit.

The Dungarees As It-Piece

The overalls is not only again bang on trend but is seen stylish and the total wear. Who a little in choosing his figure types takes into consideration and put a little thought into the styling found in the overalls a super it-piece that can be combined with grace in every style and to almost any occasion. Anyone who has the courage, the former child trousers to rediscover, it is also thanks to the comfortable and cozy properties as soon not want to miss if possible.