How to Wear a V Neck Pullover

The V-neck sweater is a fashionable top and nowadays. Only, it must be worn appropriately, what helps you to make melty Style.

After you have expressed our selection of coats to wear this winter, we look today at a high fashionable, we see more and more, the sweater V.

Increasingly present on the shoulders Masculine, it is still necessary to know how to wear it by opting for the best combinations with other clothes. For some time, many men have adopted this classy, ​​sober and elegant dress style. If you decide to wear it shirtless, you have to do it according to your body. Indeed, the composition of V-pullovers means that tingling and incongruous sweating can seriously hinder you. So it is best to consider wearing something under his V-pullover.

Even if you reported meltyStyle 5 scarves to wear this winter, you can immediately forget this option. So many guys choose to wear a shirt underneath their V-jumper. But for that, you have to meet certain criteria. First, you have to pay attention to the depth of the V, because if it is too high, your shirt will not be highlighted and your look will look messy. Then, the best is to choose shirts with buttoned collar based on Musthavesweater, the latter not tending to stand out, which will prevent you from having a shirt collar coming out of that of your sweater. Finally, be sure to choose a suitable button. It’s up to you to decide to unbutton the first button of your shirt, which will make you look relaxed, but do not unbutton the second, not to see the air to be neglected.

For the rest, it is advisable to wear a beautiful and sober class jean well cut, with dress shoes equally sober, for example corresponding to shoes Cristiano Ronaldo door off the pitch. If you decide to put yourself in this fashion of the V-pullovers, respect the above criteria in order to appear at your best angle. In this way, you will adopt a blend of class, comfort, urban and modern. Of course, do not mix your V-jumper and your shirts of colors that do not marry at all, because God knows that some try… without success.