How to Wear a Shirt with Sweater

On the pages of our magazine we have already talked about the various types of collar sweater, now it’s time to figure out how to wear a shirt with each of them.

The main question that arises, as soon as you put on a sweater over a shirt – it’s to do with the collar: leave it inside a sweater or pull out? Oddly enough, there is a clearly defined opinion on this subject, and everyone is free to wear just the way he likes. There are, however, some of the subtleties that will help determine.
So, under the collar sweater always looks more relaxed and subdued than the collar outside.So if you want to create the impression of neatness and discipline, it is best to leave the collar of his shirt under the sweater. Collar out inevitably evokes associations with the era of disco – when huge collars worn even over the lapels of his jacket.

However, if the collar is not too large, it can turn out bad. But in this case it is necessary to look generally more relaxed. For example, slightly lift up the sleeve sweaters, unbutton shirt cuffs and tuck them up on a sweater. Thereafter the sleeve can be lifted to the level of the elbow (slightly above or slightly below).

By the way, in normal circumstances, be nice to keep peeping out from under a sweater or two centimeters cuffs in a similar way, as they “show” shirt cuff of his jacket sleeves.

Sweater with Shawl Collar

Sweater with shawl collar themselves dictate the conditions, how to wear the shirt with them even if you want, “expanded” outside the shirt collar will not work – too thick gate near the sweaters. And it is not necessary: shawl collar and so beautifully frames the face and neck.

 Collared Shirt with Buttons

Collar with buttons in itself begs to be left under the sweater. However, unzipped and exposed to the outside, it definitely will give a nonchalant look. Slanting collar certainly better not to stand out – it would be too  far-fetched.

And here is how you wear a shirt under a sweater with a high neck – in general very few people care about, because it is not visible. And so it should remain.

If a thin sweater, you should not wear a shirt under it with a hard collar – it will be ugly bulge. But if a thick sweater and a soft shirt – and no one will know that you have a sweater.But keep in mind, a man should always be prepared for the fact that the clothes have to remove – and it is better to under the sweater was not greasy shirt-alcoholic.

With regard, we think it is better, in principle, not to get out of their collar. As a functional sports thing, collared shirt, in principle, in stark contrast, so it is better not to expose the contrast on display, and leave it unobtrusive.

Well, of course, the collar should always be filled, if you wear a shirt with a tie. Many believe that the tie looks best under a sweater with a V-neck, but if the collar is high enough, the tie can be worn with a crew-neck-sweater: we will see only a couple of centimeters of the tie, but it’s enough to add a little color and invoices.

As regards the combination of colors and patterns sweaters and shirts – are subject to the same rules as always. If you have a bright sweater, especially a sweater with a pattern – it is worth taking a simple shirt – blue or white. With a simple understated sweater can be worn shirt in a cage, and a shirt with stripes.

Generally usually one-color sweater – the easiest option to easily gather a good combination, but there are classic designs that always look well, for example, due to popular golfers(vertical diamonds). It looks much worse than bears or deer, but it is bright enough not to be boring.

If you wear a shirt without a tie, the top button is undone to leave. Incidentally sweater large knitted and shirt look great with a handkerchief – a corporate style of Cary Grant. Not “in the office” as a tie, but elegant enough to attend the opening of the gallery.

Of course, the sweater can be worn not only in shirts and ties: a thick sweater knitted rough – quite a popular item as the working style, and Outdoor. Thick sweater with braids like those worn Hemingway, Americans are called – fishing. They look great with a flannel and oxford shirts, jeans and work boots. But with a shirt and tie is already unlikely.