How To Turn A T-Shirt Into A Crop Top (Step By Step)

Wonder how transform a t-shirt in a crop top, has become very common nowadays, this type of clothing is fashionable. The above all summer, the crop tops are very versatile, comfortable and easy to combine with all kinds of jeans, skirts or shorts.
However, you may not always find one that is of your liking and that can be a drawback. So, perhaps this tutorial you like to recycle your old t-shirts.

All save one or two in the Cabinet, and above, we have already seen as customizarlas to give them a modern twist.

Now you can learn how to customize them differently, a little shortening them into crop tops without risking its original design.

As transform a t-shirt into a top crop without sewing

If you’re that they never took a needle and thread, and don’t even want to think about approaching the sewing machine, don’t worry.To follow these simple steps, you only need your old t-shirt, a pair of scissors and some nib or crayon to mark.

1. the first thing you’ll do will be to spread the garment on a surface flat, as you can see below.

2 cut the neck, sleeves and bottom, marking as shown in the second image. In short, you must cut a rectangle for the part back and do the same, but leaving two elongated spikes. just tie those tortillas shaped knot, as with the beach tops.Look at that charming is.

This tutorial from much more simplified way, explains the steps that you’ve just seen. Look at it to give you a better idea of how you must transform your t-shirt.

You can cut the sleeves area as much as you want, whether you seek support overreach or not. This is a very nice youth style to go to the beach or out on hot days. And as you already saw, he did not lack or to look for needle or thread.

You already know How to transform a t-shirt in a crop top, so if you still have you any out there that you can recycle, don’t hesitate and give it a new look.