How To Put My Bike Seatpost

The position of the saddle depends a lot on what type of cyclist you practice is practice. For each discipline, the position of the saddle changes a little. These are some of the practices cyclists: Dh, xc, 4 x, bmx, route, Triathlon, etc. The position of the saddle also depends on a little if you are male or female and what kind of competition cyclist to go do. Like almost everything put right the saddle seems easy, but there is a bit of science.

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Position of the saddle according to sex

For men will perfectly horizontal to the ground, some theories say that many hours on the bike can cause male erection problems, what has not been proven that this is the reason why many manufacturers have developed ergonomic saddles saddles with central channel or filled with gel to prevent the pressure in the artery that carries blood to the penis and put an end to this problem. For women, it is recommended a wider saddle for wider pelvic arch.

Saddle height

Lose a little bit of time to put the saddle on the correct height and not lose time in doing treatments for injuries of knee or hip. To know the correct height of the saddle ride back with the heels. At the point where the foot is farthest from the saddle (below, a little early), the leg must be fully stretched, without the hip line Miss horizontality (i.e. without rocking the pelvis) in no time, and always cycling with your heels. If you have discomfort in the front of the knee it is likely that the height of the saddle that uses is insufficient (low seat). If the annoyances are on the back, in the popliteal area, it may be that you have exceeded the climb the saddle.

With a slight inclination

Lift the bicycle saddle 5 degrees behind is a good option, to avoid pressure on the prostate, and there are more thin, ergonomic saddles and with better design to help on this topic. In addition to offering a bit more comfortable to ride for some people.

Errors in the placement of the saddle

Place the tip of the saddle of the bike down just causes in the brakes or a hole you’re thrown forward. If you’re not well seated will leave expelled.

Position of the rest of the body on the bike

The pedal the front always has to be lower and your legs hitting the pedal in lowest part should never be fully stretched, no more than 170 degrees.

Saddle placement according to the pedaling frequency

If your pedaling frequency is high (more than 85-90 r.p.m) you will feel more comfortable with the saddle early and a few millimeters shorter than the rules say, so you favor the rise of leg spin phase, making it the fastest. To know that you pedal revolutions, tell the times that the right foot goes through the upper part of your route in 15 seconds and multiply by four. If you pedal slowly (70-75 r.p.m) is preferable to delay slightly the saddle and lift it a few millimeters. You will be able to enjoy the power of extension of their quadriceps.

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