How to Protect Your Images on the Internet

It is very difficult to protect the work when it is a work that is exposed on the net today. Photographers, designers, and anyone who show their work on the internet it is possible that at some point is concerned about their rights. Normal, especially knowing that with right click, “Save as”, you can save a copy on your computer of any image that you see on the Web and use it later.

Although we should not obsess them with the subject… or at least I don’t do it because if not it would in the end bad, if we can have a little eye from time to time.

According to securitypology, one way to protect your images on the internet is with watermarks, and not a total protection, but rather if it prevents.

It is a watermark

A watermark is a symbol, your name and a logo overlaid on your image, that it shows the subtle but which warns that that photo is yours. It’s like signing your images.

When I refer to subtle, I mean, not occupy one-third of the photo. It is nice when it is small but that is read, and not your name size 40… not be if I explain.

In places where you have to pay to download an image what they do is to put the watermark on all photo, so if you like this clean image, you have to pay to download it.

Another thing that you can put in addition is the ©, which means that the image is copyright. Well, if the turn pro is very subtle.

Because many people think that putting watermark ruins the visual image. If not… is dependent on. There are some beautiful, well-worked water brands that are very well. So, if you want to put one, don’t do it lightly, thinks in its design, its style and that is something else that you add to your personal brand.

A free tool to put watermarks

With Photoshop you can create watermarks in a simple way. The blog of photographer you explained here, such as. But if you don’t have this program, or you don’t know how to handle it, I’m going to teach a free tool with which you also get good results. This tool is called Visual Watermark.

You can download the program directly from the above link and follow the steps to create a watermark on your images.

I will explain you step by step how to use this tool

Once installed the tool on your computer you give open or run and you see this screen. In red, above you see that puts “Select Images”, you click and take the picture that you have saved and want to put a watermark on your computer

  1. Once selected the image you give to Next Step, which is located just above to the right3 and it is the time to create your watermark. You have many models, it uses subtle one, your name and your motto, or only your name, that you like. You can also upload one, if you already have one made for you.

    4. When you have chosen the watermark, you double click and you can move from place the watermark, change the title, the letter, size, color, and transparency. Just under “title” are symbols, and you can attach copyright©.

    5. When you think that is in your taste, give to Next Step and is guardardado in the folder as your want. Folder is a folder, choose you want to and you can leave the rest of details as they are. Give it to the red button and it would be saved. Here also before you can see the preview.
    And so far the post today.

Do you use watermark? You know about the tool? If you use it and tell me what you think.

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