How to Match White Jeans

Understand how to match white jeans is very important to avoid mixing style disasters. Unlike the dark pants and classic blue denim, this is definitely a more particular clothing and proposal to be calibrated carefully: every single thing will be highlighted and this I do not want any of us. Let us see, then, how to match white jeans with style to find the right solution and no longer have any doubt.

Shirt and denim pants

Match the denim shirt in some cases is not easy, but if you have a classic in blue, or at least proposed in an intense color and dark, you might definitely consider it lightly touches the your beloved white pants. This is a very simple and practical, casual outfit and comfortable to wear, especially during leisure time.

Black and white look

When you have a light color, for the game of contrasts, you aim at bringing a shade darker, although this is just a habit and not a golden rule. Want to play it safe? Put your beloved jeans with white color and match it to other black clothing and accessories. In this way, you create a gorgeous and timeless black and white outfit.

White outfit and bare

On the other hand, if you want to look stylish and sophisticated, we can suggest to focus on furnishing accessories with a neutral tone. The naked, in this case, is just for our own, as well as beige and powder. A light coat dress and a short-sleeved shirt with white jeans may well combine crayon.

Look total white

The total white look is one of the most difficult to accomplish, or rather is definitely what assures success more complicated. We must not only be lean and slender but you must play on volumes. A tight skinny jeans are definitely better with a slightly soft blouse, rather than with a narrow tube. Learn from Alexa Chung who is a real fan of white trousers in denim.

Sweaters jeans e bianco

In this work we propose a cozy look that good for many everyday situations. The idea is to match something soft to your pants, so you can look stylish, sophisticated but still practices. Here we show an outfit featuring a white jeans and a gray sweater, but the latter may have declined in other shades like blue, red, pink, green or yellow.

Nautical style with white jeans

Do you know who’s loved this piece of clothing? To all lovers of nautical style, so our suggestion is to pair your jeans with a white shirt, navy blue with white stripes mariniere straight and thin. This way you will be perfect for your summer or even for a sailing trip.