How to Match Jewelry with Clothes


The jewels are a fundamental part of our look, because the complete if there matches the smartly dressed. Very often though not by a lot of importance to this particular, risking to wear jewelry that are not suitable for the kind of leader we want to put. On the contrary, we should always put attention to the choice of these accessories, because they give a touch of femininity and class. Let’s see, thanks to these steps, how to choose the right jewel to be combined in several occasions.

Match Jewelry with Clothes

The first rule to follow is that of the combination of colors, especially if we wear vintage costume jewelry. If we decide to wear neutral colored clothing such as beige, white or black, then we can use pretty colorful jewelry that will give a touch of liveliness to our appearance and we can also match up with makeup, just as cheerful.

Let us not forget, however, that there are matches must be avoided, in order not to make our look inelegant. For example, the Court should not be purchased too many large necklaces and worn too close to the neck; If we wear shirts should choose a gem long enough, you can drop up to neckline.

One tip I would give women a bit of flesh, is to avoid the jewellery with charms or stones that are too large. These highlight certain parts of the body, making them more visible.parties who may want to hide. Another aspect to consider is the fact that the jewels must be combined. For example, if we wear a silver bracelet, the necklace preferably gold won’t. The different material makes the overall picture not very homogeneous, creating a mix too alive colors.

Fundamental aspect is to choose your jewelry for any occasion. Surely the jewels that we can use during the day will be different to those worn at a dinner, maybe elegantly. At work, for example, where usually aims for a formal and sober, we wear little jewelry showy; bracelets and rings may be annoying, blocking or slowing your work. Instead, on festive occasions you can think of a simple jewel, as the lamp, if our dress is very showy and processed. In the case that we had a simple dress, like a little black dress, we can venture with an eye-catching necklace and a bracelet.

Finally, something not to be underestimated is the pairing between jewel and necklines. You have to have an eye, to avoid falling into vulgarity. If we had a v-neck then you could wear a choker or necklace shorter so that it stays on the skin; Instead, if you wore a turtleneck, you might opt for very long necklaces, com a pendant that goes up to the breast, or ones that go around the neck several times. If the neck was discovered, you may use the long earrings, making the neck more slender and elegant.


Never forget:

  • Always use jewelry that make you feel at ease; they must be an enrichment of clothing and you should feel increasingly beautiful wearing them.