How To Make The Eyebrow Grow Faster?

To make the eyebrow grow faster, unfortunately you can not use magic. Faults that bother you so much can come from many factors, such as stress, pore clogging from  makeup, pollution and dirt. And, as an outlet, we end up appealing for more makeup to fill the eyebrows – which can, depending on the products you use, worsen the problem, as the components accumulate in the hair follicles, preventing growth and Strengthening the wire.

I noticed an improvement in growth and filling of gaps when I replaced the use of eyebrow pencils with shadows because pencil wax tends to accumulate more efficiently in the follicles than the powder material, even if it is a product intended for use. Everything in excess is bad.

But of course the products themselves will not harm you as long as you remember to take off all makeup,sunscreens, and any waxy cosmetics before bedtime (speech beaten but always needed!). It is also worth enhancing cleansing the eyebrows with gentle massage in the area to stimulate circulation and pore clearing.

Faced with so much information, it is always nice to be inside some tips on how to keep your eyebrows enhanced, strong and healthy with daily care and cosmetic help.

I have separated some products that can be allied in growth:

1) Castor oil

It’s the famous castor oil! Sweetheart among the girls who do the rapunzel project, as it is rich in vitamin E, omega 6 and 9 and stimulates yarn growth. Although there are no scientific studies that clearly relate the growth of wires to oil, it has widespread and popular use. Apply a small amount on clean eyebrows before bed, massage gently and clean in the morning.

The castor oil for eyebrow growth can be found in Whitehallmakeup for less than $ 10.00 and should be 100% vegetable, okay?

2) Eyelash & Eyebrow Strengthening Serum – Mary Kay

According to the brand, it helps to reduce the sagging of the lashes and eyebrows, minimizing the appearance of faults with 30 days of use. The eyebrows will have fewer flaws, and look healthier. The product has a component called  Lash Response, a combination of peptides, red clover extract and a blend of amino acids that has proven action in protecting the dermal matrix and nourishing the hair follicle that fixes each yarn in its place.

You can buy the resellers of the brand and online for $ 110.00.

3) Eyebrow Stimulating Gel – Marina Smith

According to the brand, it has an innovative dermocosmetic formula with nanotechnology that stimulates the growth and capillary strengthening in the region of the eyebrows. Prepared with amino acids from Keratin, Panthenol, Aloe vera extract, Ceramides and nanotechnological factors (bFGF and VEGF), the product increases the diameter of hair strands and the size of hair follicles that already exist.

Sold only online at Sephora’s website for $ 40.00.

What’s up? Do you have any other tips?