How To Make Shorts With Pants (Recycle Your Jeans Easily!)

How to make shorts with pants is something that a lot of girls want to know, as a common situation is the have several old jeans that makes one centuries that don’t use, but that gives us penalty shoot as well as I. So, why not turn them into a couple of Flirty shorts?

This garment is essential in summer, but admittedly, not always we find that better fit us in stores or are of the style that we would like to.

So the best option is to cut your pants to get completely personalized clothing.

There are plenty of options in which you can be inspired depending on your style: shorts torn, discolored, with tacks, high-waisted or edge stitched… better watch the tutorials below to decide which is best you.

How to do step by step pants shorts

FanciestPants brings us some great instructions, with which you can cut your jeans for two different shorts: the first, a lovely and simple alternative, and the latter with a touch rock, thanks to the studs and the tearing light that decorate them.

Two styles that never go out of fashion and will be great to see you to fashion at any time. As you can see, you don’t need many materials to renew this pledge of your wardrobe.

In addition to this, StyleHaul world has other DIY tutorials that you should look to do wonders with your clothes and other things.

As cut trousers to make it short-frayed

You may want a more casual short and grunge, with a frayed well marked and perhaps, some of discoloration to give a touch of fun.This channel of AMIClubwear video will show you how you can do both in a few steps.

The secret of the tree, is to use a mixture of equal parts of water and chlorine, in which you’ll be immersed your shorts to the level you want to discolor. Then, you should just leave to dry outdoors an hour, wash them as you are used and dry again. You will be impressed with the results!

As shown in the tutorial, you can also use a brush to wet areas that you want to bleed with chlorine.

How to make a high-waisted jean shorts

If you want to see how these beautiful calendar girls wearing short pants at the waist, you need a pair of jeans from high shot that you can cut off as shorts.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to transform them in two different ways. In the simplest, you can just cut and fold the edges up, while in the second you use pliers to make a frayed good rocker.

If you opted for fraying, remember that your short will not be so rebellious until after of that have gotten it to the washing machine, so the threads are that sloppy appearance.

Learn How to make shorts with pants is quite simple and fun.Waiting to renew your jeans?