How to Maintain Your Fishing Reel

You need to clean your reels, but not sure how? Or are you afraid to damage your reels by mishandling? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

To clean your reels, 2 interviews are needed: simple maintenance and annual maintenance. We will not explain step-by-step how to perform these 2 types of interviews.

After reading this guide, you’ll be able to maintain your carp reels alone. Follow our 2 methods of maintenance to enjoy longer your carp reels!

Why maintain your carp reels?

The reels are part of the most important tools your dedicated to carp fishing equipment. They are as important as the CARP rods. This simple reason should convince you to regularly maintain your reels.

As for your rods, your carp reels are under stress throughout the year. Your reels are the rain, sand, dust, or shock.

These factors are the invisible enemies of your reels. They alter their functioning.

Besides, your reels consist of many high precision mechanical parts (bearings ball, crank, brake, etc.).

These mechanical parts need regular cleaning. This allows them to maintain their performance over the years.

So, it is essential to know how and when to protect and maintain your carp reels.

The time spent to clean you will increase their life and offer days of fishing without any technical problems.

Remember that it is through pinwheels in perfect condition, you can win battles against the carp. They deserve your attention and your best care!

To maintain your reels carp (drum set), you can use 2 types of complementary cleanings: simple maintenance and the annual review.

Simple maintenance of your carp reels

Simple maintenance is to clean your reels after a few sessions of fishing and on a regular basis in the year.

Most of this maintenance is to remove dust and lubricate the important parts of your reels (punctual lubrication).

For this type of cleaning, you don’t need to disassemble the parts of your reels.

This interview allows you to make sure that your reels work well throughout the seasons.

Materials needed for simple maintenance of your carp reels

The equipment necessary for the maintenance of your reels is Basic. Here’s what you’ll need:

§UN brush or a toothbrush

§Du lubricant (oil)

§Du paper newspaper or a piece of cardboard (support to achieve the cleaning)

With this material, you are ready to perform a quick cleanup of your carp reels.

The steps for simple maintenance of your carp reels

The parts to be cleaned for simple maintenance are the following:

§the reel and drum

§the wire guide roller

§the 2 pivots of the basket handle

§the the Reel drum

STEP # 1

First, take a brush or a brush tooth and remove dust that is located on your reels. This operation avoids the dust seeps into the mechanisms of your reels.

STEP N ° 2

Then, take oil and add 1 to 2 drops under the wire guide roller. It is the little metal piece on which slides the wire to wrap on the drum. Then press the handle of your reel to penetrate the oil.

STEP N ° 3

Again take the oil and drop 1 to 2 drops on the 2 pivots of the basket handle (pick up). Once this is done, we will review the drum.

To do this, remove the drum of your reel (see guide to your reel).

Case of a front Drag Reel: you just turn the brake in the opposite direction of the needles of a watch.

Case of a rear Drag Reel: you simply press the button located just above the drum.

As soon as the drum is removed, you have access to the axis of your reel. Add 1 to 2 drops of oil on the shaft of the reel.

STEP # 4

To complete this simple cleaning, just you only to lubricate the ball bearings.

To do this, remove the crank to your reel. Simply unscrew the small washer which is located on the opposite side of the crank.

You can access the ball bearing. Here again, add 1 to 2 drops of oil in the mechanism.

STEP # 5

Replace the crank on your reel. Once this is done, turn the crank to rotate the reel. The oil will spread to protect the ball bearing mechanism.

There in a few minutes, you have a reel ready to go back to the fight!

As for the maintenance of your carp rods, simple maintenance allows you to detect quickly of any abnormalities in the functioning of your reel.

Annual maintenance of your carp reels

Annual maintenance is to deep clean the important pieces of your carp reels.

In general, annual maintenance is 1 time per year.

2 times in the year are conducive to this annual maintenance: winter if do not fish during the cold season and in spring when the recovery of the fishing season.

This maintenance requires partial or complete your reel disassembly (depending on your needs).

Here, we will focus on the partial disassembly of the reels (essential parts will be removed).

Disassembly of your carp reels has some risks. It is possible to damage the internal mechanisms of the reels taking off too often.

What equipment do you need for annual maintenance your carp reels?

As for routine maintenance, most of the necessary equipment is easy to find. It consists essentially of do-it-yourself tools:

  • De oil
  • De (special for bearings) fat
  • 1 small wrench
  • UN brush or cotton stalks
  • 1 or 2 screwdriver (flat or Phillips head)
  • UN soft cloth or the towel all (paper towel)

How to perform the annual maintenance of your carp reels?

To keep your reels carp performing over time, annual maintenance is essential. This maintenance to clean them thoroughly.

Before going any further, you should be aware that partial or complete disassembly has risks: loss of parts or difficulties to the mechanisms, etc.

To avoid these problems, we recommend that you take pictures every step of the disassembly of your reels or categorize the parts by numbering the steps of dismantling.

This way, you will have less worries to re-install the parts in the order.

After this little caveat, we can move to the thorough cleaning of your carp reel.

Note: the following steps are performed for a single reel. You just repeat these steps as many times as you have of reels to clean.

STEP # 1

First, remove the drum of your reel. Take a soft cloth or wipe it all and clean the inside of the mechanism. This operation is intended to remove dust, sand or dirt encrusted.

Make sure the order of disassembly of these parts. Improper handling can damage them.

STEP N ° 2

After removing the drum, you have access to the axis of the drum. This axis is fixed through a nut, a screw and a metal plate.

First remove the screws and the metal tab. This allows you to remove the nut. To remove, use a wrench or pliers, adapted to the size of the nut.

These 2 manipulation allows you to remove the shell that hides the internal mechanism of your reel.

STEP N ° 3

Next, let’s remove the molding (carter). The frame is a kind of shell that contains the most important parts of your carp reel.

It contains the gears for the crank axis and also contains the gears to the axis of rotation of the drum.

Remove the crank before you remove all of the screws that hold the cover of the reel. This step is crucial: you will enter the heart of the mechanism of the reel. Be very careful to not damage and keep all small parts.

Once the casting removed, remove the control wheel (and the main pinion). This action allows you to access the ball bearing housed in bed.

Take your rag to remove fat dirty or frozen. Then, add 1 to 2 drops of oil in the bearing. It serves new lubricant.

Tip # 2: for ball bearings, use oil for this purpose. It is in all hardware stores. For other parts mechanical (control wheel and the main pinion), you need to use FAT.

STEP # 4

Then, clean the control wheel and the main pinion (stem that is attached to a toothed wheel) with your cloth to remove any grime fat. Remember to turn off the anti return, this will facilitate the cleaning of the parts.

Apply grease with a brush or a cotton swab on the control wheel and the main pinion.

Be careful not to put too much grease. This could hinder the overall functioning of the command and the main pinion wheel.

Tip # 3: turn the control wheel to move the stem of the axis where the drum. This allows you to remove all the dirt that lies at the base of the stem.

STEP # 5

To finish the cleaning of your reel, you have to maintain the mechanism of back and forth and the infinite valve.

If it’s really necessary, that is very dirty or clogged, remove these 2 parts. In other cases, add a little fat in the mechanism of comes and goes.

Then, activate the mechanism of back and forth so that fat correctly spreads out on all the internal mechanism of your reel.

Finally, add 1 to 2 drops of oil on the valve.

STEP # 6

After these steps, just you more than to replace all parts of your reel in the right order.

Tip # 4: If you do not notice the order of disassembly of parts, repeat all steps of this cleansing in reverse

(see image above).

A simple way to back up your reel. And Yes, we have more ideas!

STEP # 7

To finish, we take care of the wire guide roller. Identify if the wire guide roller is not damaged. If your roller is not an issue, add just 1-2 drops of oil to lubricate it.

To the extent possible, do not remove the wire guide roller. It is an important, difficult to go back.

For this guide, we took apart the handle of the basket to show you how to maintain this piece.

Now you know how to maintain your carp reels to perfection. There is no reason that your reels spend more years without problem!

To go further about the use of your reels, you can consult our method for good fill your reels dedicated to carp.