How To Look Stylish Wearing The Cardigan Men

What is the first image that comes to your head when you think of a cardigan. Wait, wait. First of all, let me ask you something else: you know exactly what is a cardigan? It is basically a sweater with front buttons.

For being a piece of traditional menswear, which made great success in the past, a lot of people think that’s a grandfather wear cardigan. But make no mistake, gentlemen, because he’s still super current. As long as you know, of course, how to use it in a way that is modern and stylish.

This is our subject today. I’m going to get some basic tips to help them send well of cardigan with several ideas in combination. Come on?

In Place Of The Blazer

How about taking a look at changing the blazer by cardigan? This is a killer move to adopt at a meeting or at work. Works equally well with shirt and t-shirt.

With Tie

You can combine cardigan with tie if you want. (By the way, be sure to read our post with 6 ideas of how to use a tie casual look.) The visual is very modern and smart.

Adding Layers

If the cold pressed, a good tips to combat it is inserting layers in your look. Give to the cardigan be middle layer (under a blazer/jacket) or top (on a sweater). In addition to maintaining our body warm, also creates a very cool visual.

Open Buttons

A detail of the cardigan is that it can also be used with the mild weather, like in spring. In this case, you should choose a finer mesh and can leave you with the buttons open a casual and relaxed way.

Hitting The Trim

Stay smart with the trim. It’s not because the cardigan is a piece that is more comfortable in our body that it should be off. This will kill your look, especially if you leave enough fabric in the waist and arm. Look at the difference between “comfortable” and “off” for you to watch:


I could tell how the cardigan is versatile and stylish?Then add these looks to your arsenal as soon as possible. Oh, one last hint on THEFREEGEOGRAPHY: the cardigan must be used with the last button open, such as the blazer, to leave your trim better. About colors, sober tones are the most beautiful.