How to Know If Your Breasts are Growing

hen it comes to underwear, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. Size, shape, color, all is not and we do not benefit us. How to know whether the underwear that you wear too small? Pain, discomfort, rendering unsightly? It is likely that the model does not suit you. Learn to choose to put your cleavage.

Support too Small Throat

So women identify their depth cap, they are reluctant to mount a size down to a chest. Or it may be that you wore a 90b when your bust is 85 cm … This means that you should wear a bra size 85E!

When talking about significant problem, it can be several things: it is either a worry caps, or a back round of worries, or both. Sometimes the problem comes simply cutting. Indeed, all breasts have a very specific and some models can not fit their shape, even if the size is good. There simply is an inconsistency. To best your assets and you feel comfortable no such thing as adjusted and adapted below. Here is a checklist of the different points to check.


The essential point is to check their spacing. It should be neither too tight nor too spaced, and should not hinder you. A strap that falls is often a sign that the back is too broad. Their fit is also important. You need to go up or down in order to be as comfortable as possible. If you ramp shear shoulder and lets a brand is that you too tight. If it falls despite a maximum adjustment, the back circumference is too big.

The back

The band back is very important to check. Your bra is too small if you close it with difficulty and are then about to die stifled. This makes sense, but better specify all the same. This can be explained in two ways: either the band is just too short, you need to choose an extra back to size, for example spend 90 to 95; is the cap is too small, then you have to go through the example B to C. To find out where the problem, here is a simple trick: try your model by attaching the front, with the cups in the back . If you are still obliged to hold your breath, go to a higher turn back, however, if you are comfortable as well, accusing the cap!

On the contrary, if the blindfold back between your shoulder blades, it is too big. There no effective trick, nothing serves to tighten the lower clip or pull their socks up, all you need is a smaller size. Never buy a bra that is fixed in the last brackets, these being to prolong its life when the tissue relaxes.


If the top of the cap goes into your breast as too panties, this is not good. Go to the depth above. If instead he yawns and does not touch your chest, it is either too big or the form will not you. The period between the breasts should be snug against the sternum. If not touch you, then your cups are too small. If you see folds on the inside, then they are too close together.

The cap should comfortably cover all breast tissue on the sides. If there is a vacuum on the sides inside is that it is too broad. If the outside of the cup cut into the breast tissue and you made a small bulge under the armpits is that it is too narrow. That point more to the form of your chest than the actual size below.

If we observe the marks in the breast tissue, it is surely that the bra is too tight, or it was poorly placed. The bras in Braclassified are normal provided it is painless.