How to Knit a Scarf

If it is cold outside, we cuddle up us scarf preferably in a thick. If that is also so fashionable and beautiful like this even knitted Snood, that makes everything of course the most fun. Who want to try it yourself, just download the instructions.

That you need for knitting scarf:

  • Schachenmayr Merino extra fine 170
    200 g in plum FB 00146 of Milward
  • 1 circular needle Nr 3, 80 cm long

And here’s how:

Knitting Tension
25 STS and 53 laps in the love = 10 x 10 cm.

Basic Pattern
Garter in RD:
Alternately 1 Rd on right, 1 Rd purlwise.

Knit knitting font in Rd.
The pattern-RD from right to left
read in the unrecorded intermediate
Rd M knit as they appear, right knit envelopes. The 22 M of the RapPort
always repeat.
Always repeat the 1st to 32nd Rd.
308 STS with the needle, close to the RD and mark the TS transition. 4 Rd garter stitch knit this with 1 left begin Rd. Right knit then 1 Rd. Then continuing in the love, while working the RapPort in width per Rd 14 x and in the height of the 1st to 32nd Rd 3 x knit. 19 cm overall height 3 rd garter stitch knit this with 1 Rd left begin to cast off all STS loosely. Weave in ends.

Loop hook, wet and dry.

M = Masche(n) R = Reihe(n)