How to Have a Successful Camping Trip

Are you struggling with your first camping trip and you need some tips for successful? Organize a camping is not huge, the basic concepts are few and before you write you what to bring to camp we will begin to tell you what to leave at home!

Don’t think even remotely to bring camping make up, lotions, scented the whole wardrobe or… a hostile attitude! These “junk” leave home… rather not miss a Swiss army knife, a flashlight, a pair of slippers/shoes that can get wet, trash bags, water bottles, insect repellent and a good sleeping bag (see here).

Remember that your sleeping bag needs to be adapted to the climatic conditions of the location of the campsite: waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat or trembling from the cold, not funny at all. An appropriate sleeping bag will make your stay more enjoyable.

A flashlight can serve in different circumstances; can happen to anyone having to pee at night! It can also be used in case anything should come up for a midnight swim! With the torch, better bring a couple of spare batteries or carry a solar flashlight.

Then you will not leave your trash around?! Equip yourself with a large number of garbage bags and enquire about days differentiated delivery. Regarding the water, there are some good water purifiers, filters in any case better to inquire in advance about the campsite.

The equipment that can not miss:

  • Tent camping: practice assembly to camping in a few days, more comfortable and spacious-so harder to mount-for campsites lasting weeks.
  • Airbed, foam for those traveling by car, people travelling by train or airplane, inflatable.
  • Table and folding chairs … will serve you, unless you eat on the ground!
  • Tarp to be placed under the base of the tent so as to protect it from wear and tear and possible rain.
  • Crockery and gas stove
  • Basins to wash dishes and do the laundry
  • Wire and pegs for hanging your laundry