How to Fix a Pendulum Clock


A grandfather clock which suddenly enjoying, necessarily requires the help of a watchmaker and the price varies, depending on the fault. In the case of small defects as the clock is running too fast or too slow, pauses or goes intermittently, or the chime out of sequence and one for these types of jobs so you can run them at home. With a gentle hand and light and a pinch of patience, your grandfather clock will return in good condition. Of course it’s worth noting that you can solve many of the problems of your old clock using the right tools, provided that it is not so structurally damaged by request the assistance of a professional. The following guide wants to give you some helpful hints on how to fix pendulum clocks, so there remains to carefully follow the steps.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Screwdriver, adjustable wrench.

First, to start off, open the front of the clock a pendulum with a screwdriver, gently remove the thin pane of glass covering the dial, so you can access them freely and, in order to work with the hands. Now, with a wrench remove the nut that stops the clock and then pull gently, before the longest hand, representing the minutes, then the shorter hand, which represents hours. If the needle of minutes is in sync with the notes played by the music box, replace the nut and tighten it. Warning: the music box has to play four notes every quarter of an hour, so it will be eight notes on the half hour, twelve to three quarters of an hour and sixteen to the hour.

Of course, the pendulum will oscillate if the clock hands will remain United. We need to carefully open the dial, separate the hands between them and set the mass of the pendulum; If the clock speed is too slow or too fast, the pendulum must be adjusted. If the clock is running slowly, with a small screwdriver tighten the d below the pendulum; Conversely, if the clock moves too quickly, you need to loosen the bolt.

However, you may need to adjust the dial on the moon. If the Lunar disc is not properly configured, the clock sequence inevitably will turn off. Then, open the face of the pendulum, gently press on the face of the moon which rotates and then, place it on the current moon phase. The impactor shall be positioned perpendicular to the ground so as to maintain the correct time and rhythm. Use a level to check the position of the clock and make the necessary changes so that the clock is positioned level.


Never forget:

  • Perform all operations with extreme delicacy.