How to Equip Your Bike for the Winter

If you want to travel in the winter months with your bike, then you should make your bike winterized before the season. The Winter Check will show you what is important.

Check 1: Check the lights

The lighting of your bicycle must necessarily work properly during the winter months. Just when the days get shorter, go else on the road in danger because motorists you might easily overlook.

Make easy the light test. Replace old batteries with new ones, replace if necessary, the bulb or upgrade your lighting system fully operational by Dynamo. Well, if your lighting system also works in the state, so that you are seen at road junctions when you are waiting at a red light.

Check 2: Check brake

Your brakes are your insurance. Not only on steep slopes, but also on slippery in winter. So make the braking test with your bike. Adjust the cables and see if the brake pads are in the correct position. Lubricate Bowden cables there, where they are exposed and check on this occasion, whether still both valve caps are available at the wheels.

Check 3: attach reflectors

In winter brings not only your light system for safety, but also located at the bicycle reflectors provide protection against accidents. Make your bike therefore best to all-round check. Reflectors should be at least the front of the handlebar, the back of the saddle area or on the mudguards, and between the wheels in the spokes.

In addition to the listed checks You should also lubricate all moving parts on your bike again thoroughly.