How to Combine Sneakers

There were times when you were wearing sneakers for gymnastics. Or for jogging or soccer games-in any case in combination with sports clothes.  Outside of gyms and gyms the treads were frowned upon. This has now changed, thanks to the triumph of the Sportswear. A blessing for all those who like to have their feet comfortably-and technically no reason to strike their hands over their heads. Because the current sneakers, whether in white or in striking colors, can be combined incredibly versatile. To the short skirt, to the wide trousers, to jeans or to the evening dress-be inspired!

Sneakers combine: to the elegant Maxikleid

Veronika Heilbrunner is the champion of the sneaker style break. The combination of elegant evening gowns and casual chucks or white sneakers has become their trademark. This styling requires a bit of courage-but in fashion, it’s like everything else in life: who does not dare not win!

Sneakers combine: with socks to fold skirt

Adorable: The Italian stylist and illustrator Michela Meni combines her Nike shoes with dark socks to the wrinkle skirt.

Sneakers kobminieren: To marlene pants

So it is especially convenient to shop: Danish blogger Funda Christophersen wearing minimalist white sneakers for the elegant Marlene pants.

Sneakers combine: to kickflare jeans

What is the reason for these kickflare jeans, which can be seen everywhere? Nike van Dinther from the blog This is Jane Wayne has a good answer to this question: white sneakers of course!

Sneakers combine: To the leather tube

Casual: Katja Schweizberger wears simple white sneakers to the leather tube.

Sneakers combine: to the 7/8-pants

Classically good: Katharina Charpian of I Love Ponies wears white sneakers with velcro closure to the 7/8 pants and frilly blouse.