How To Combine Shirt Jeans

Hi all, how wonderful is to help each of you with beauty tips! This week we learn to match the shirt jeans (jeans).

Before choosing the Add-ons of your look, you need to know that the denim shirt has at least 3 ways to use: open, closed or with a knot (tied). So you can get more style in their daily looks.

The shirt open serves as a complement to the visual, works as a third piece, ending the production of a conventional mode.

Otherwise very used is closed and may close all buttons or leave some open early. This way you can be part of the look, which combined with modern and colorful accessories will be super fashion.

Finally, you can try something fun doing a node on the waist line and so will give an air of relaxed look.

An important tip: time to buy your shirt Please note the size, because it should not be too tight; loose, and should be used for the length of the sleeves as indicated is that your wrist stay exposed, giving a sensation of stretching of the silhouette. So have the perfect drape.

Jeans Shirt+Skirt-Combine with a skirt of tissue fluid, as the layered skirt or frills. Is perfect, creating that visual romantic. Already the skirt is income or print, then razed, the harmony is perfect and very charming.Finish with a thin belt and a pretty sandal or a boot crew socks.

Jeans Shirt+Pants–well, if the question is whether you can wear with jeans denim shirt the answer is YES, of course, need to be of different washes, so don’t be all identical. Actually, I prefer to wear with pants, or even with plate.

+Denim shirt dress or jumpsuit–For a look full of character and unusual, use your dress or favorite jumpsuit and complement it with a shirt over jeans, open or tied. If you want, you can also use a belt to mark the waist. That way, your dress gets a new look without having to spend anything. If you haven’t got a denim shirt in your wardrobe, buy, see who will not repent.