How to Clean Leather Handbags

A leather pouch is a stylish and timeless piece which reaches the pass from mother to daughter and daughter to granddaughter. However, over time the leather can lose your beauty, getting spleen or dirty. You can’t clean this kind of material with any product and to learn how to clean leather handbags we have prepared this article to our site. Continue reading to learn.


1. If your leather purse got rain, simply pass a clean, dry cloth on it and let it dry in the shade. Drying in the Sun, it can be stained.

2. The most secure method of cleaning a leather handbag is to do it with a cloth slightly dampened with water or a sponge.

3. If she has a tough stain and the moistened cloth is not enough, spend a little neutral SOAP.

4. You can also use specific products for cleaning of handbag with leather material, commonly called “leather cleaners”. Prefer the wax or paste, apply and rub gently.

5. Dry the bag with a flannel cloth in order to pull her gloss.

6. If you have to clean the metal appliques, do it with a small brush like a tooth or a flannel cloth and specific products for metals. Don’t let the product into the leather.

7. Keep your leather handbag in a cotton bag, TNT or felt in a cool dry room. Put the the but stretched as possible so as not to keep creases and fill it with paper inside.

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