How to Choose Underwear

Strongly arched beautiful dresses and pretty necklines. The holding underwear are now so powerful that they sculpt the silhouette and eliminate small curves.

How to Choose Bra

But how to choose clothing that miracle? Here are my tips.


Before you jump into buying underwear holding, ask yourself the question: do I need a light support or very strong?

Light support is perfect for everyday life. Elasticity gives firmness to the curves, thus smoothing the silhouette without compressing. This underwear is generally comfortable, because weaving is thin, flexible and breathable fabric.

A pronounced carrier sculpt the silhouette. Its elasticity is dense and tight. For threading, you sometimes you squirm a bit. That said, it remains comfortable and extreme maintenance reduces to a size silhouette. A tip: always put on the bottom. Never from above.


Having a flat stomach is good. But have flat buttocks, it’s ugly! To guarantee a perfect figure-without sacrificing your forms callipygeresques-bet on an undergarment with a solid reinforced panel at the front. Then, make sure that the elastic relaxes the back.

The Pantyhose (light or sculptural) is a wise choice to lessen the curves. Its reinforced panel flattens the tummy without negative effect on the buttocks. The maintenance is more pronounced than that offered by a nylon stocking. Tip: choose a pant that goes up on the abdomen to go incognito. If the demarcation bothers you, choose a handset (bra + panties).Warning: Choose the right length. If you have strong hips, prefer the pants to long legs.Beware of demarcation on your thigh. If this is the case, try different lengths (longer shorts or longer). My choice: maintaining panties and varied lengths at La Vie en Rose ($ 19.95 to $ 39.95)

The handset under bust
This underwear is ideal if you want to wear your sexy and push up bra (or not!). He stops just under the bust while refining your hips and belly. My choice: I often use the handset brand Boby Wrap for my various candidates during filming. It is very well made, comfortable and smooth silhouette. Also available in size Plus. ($ 70 and $ 84 in black or beige).

The sexy neckline
If your dress has a long pest neckline, I suggest you the bra deep neckline: the UBra. With its removable straps, you can wear the halter, clearing your shoulders. Available at La Vie en Rose ($ 35.95).

The backless
Shhh… it’s a secret! Here is a new adhesive bra that allows you to wear without constraint a open back dress. No more braces! It supports the breast, nipple covers, adheres to the skin for 8 hours in addition to being reusable. His name? It’s a secret!
Available in size cap ABC and D. (between $ 19.99 and $ 32.99).