How to Choose Umbrella

It should not be forgotten that the terrace is one stay, so you have to take care of your style just as we take care of the living room or the bedroom, both if we have decided to give a uniform for the entire House as if we want to create a particular atmosphere for this outside corner. My proposal is the second of them, because it is a space that lends itself to become a place for the rest and relaxation next to the enjoyment of the outdoors, whether its large or small. So today we’re going to go over how to pick one of the most important elements that will make us to be comfortable where our terrace has enough space without receipt of the Sun: the sunshade. Here you have 5 items that look:


It seems a very small universe, but there are many different models of umbrellas for the House. The two large blocks of classification are Central, which have a straight foot, and eccentric, which have a side arm that hangs in the structure. It must be taken into account, especially if we are going to opt for the umbrellas that are fixed directly to the wall, that focal point which we must safeguard will be the table and chairs, because it is where we are going to spend more time unemployed and exposed to the Sun’s rays. If you opt for a model that allows to vary the inclination of the parasol, those are the most versatile and functional.


The umbrellas which textile component is PVC not only block 100% of UV rays, but they are the most resistant to the passage of time and completely waterproof in case of an unexpected downpour, which canvas screens have as disadvantage unless apply you a specific treatment. Polyester and other synthetic fibers are also a good choice, and for the structure I recommend to choose light metal materials, such as aluminum, to facilitate its transport. Where the terrace has a rustic style or finish like it more, the combination of wood furniture umbrella also made of wood is very good, especially in light as the teakwood, but we have to think that it will weigh more and need more care for their maintenance.


It seems fairly obvious that at this point we must adapt to the space that we have and buy something consistent, but there will be more than one found with a colossus who doesn’t know where to put or when it comes the season of Sun is not to orient itself correctly. Always say: before you buy, take measures, especially the perimeter occupied the table and chairs to her around with a few centimetres of room for movement, and be very clear where it rises and sets the Sun on your terrace prior to installation if it is fixed.


Also related to its size and position, where it’s not which are fixed to the wall with an articulated arm, we will need a counterweight to the foot of the umbrella, now that many do not incorporate it. In this case there are stone, as the classics of the bars, but it is much more convenient to acquire one of the are they filled with sand or water, or cement feet very original and most beautiful classical weighing square. It is also recommended as reinforcement, if your sunshade is straight, use tables with step parasol. Another way is to use objects from the garden to nail the sunshade in a way very decorative, such as a vase or pot we have on one side.


In the same way that we must take into account the style to choose the material of our umbrella, we will have to consider when choosing the color screen, which is finally and after the part that actually acts as a sun canopy. As you know, the dark colors absorb radiation and therefore slow down the passage of light and heat. A more vivid color, although it protected somewhat less, give more joy to the space, however, should be very careful with their conservation so don’t fade and age in excess. A white or raw will curb the action of the Sun in up to 20% less, but will give the space a broader effect.

Once considered these 5 features, I am sure that companies choose the umbrella most suitable to your terrace or garden on BESTITUDE. To continue enjoying the holiday with her!