How to Choose the Right Size Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is an essential equipment during your camping. Indeed, it is very important to sleep well to retrieve the efforts made in the day and be fit for the coming year. It is therefore essential to choose it. We propose to help you in this puzzle.

You will need to consider various criteria:

1) The heat capacity of the sleeping bag

2) Place where you sleep

3) The sleeping bag material

4) The weight / efficiency

5) The type of closure

6) Form

7) The team end this article with 3 small board points.

There is an European standard (EN13537) for qualification of sleeping bags, which aims to evaluate as objectively as possible the sleeping bag temperature performance. It makes various brands of bags similar to the same criterion. Under this standard, four temperature values are defined:

-Max: it is the temperature at which an adult man (determined for a 70 kg) can sleep without being too hot to the point of sweating.

Comfort: the temperature at which a woman (determined for a 60 kg woman) sleep at ease

-Limit: this is the lowest temperature at which an adult man (70 kg) is at the limit of feeling cold.

-Extreme: the temperature below which the survival of a woman (60 kg) is highly compromised.

The right choice is between the temperature of comfort and limits. It is risky to rely on extreme temperature because cold sensations are real well before this temperature called “extreme” so as soon as it is below the temperature called “limit”.

What is the Warmest Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is one of the three cornerstones of the walker, with backpacks and shoes bag. How to choose a sleeping bag suited to its needs? How entrenir and store between two rides? Experts have thought about. Here are their tips.

The website NEMUS the key points to look for:
1- the comfort temperature
2- weight
? 3- down or synthetic lining
4-closure system for the upper body
5-compressed volume
6-or bag sarcophagus bag cover?

Read the following tips.

The Quebec site, details all aspects of the construction of the sleeping bag and their practical implications on the comfort of the sleeper walker. It also provides advice for maintenance and cleaning.

An even more detailed release (including the construction and insulation of the sleeping bag) is available on . Also with tips for washing.

If you have any tips to share with us, put them in the comments!

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