How to Choose the Right Foundation for You

You found the ideal make-up? If not, continue reading to find out how each Fund is made solid and which requirement meets, in order to find the perfect one for you!

Echo some characteristics of each type of product, because you can choose so correct!
The Foundation is his cover translucent liquid designed to hide minor skin problems without weighing it down. Is a product enriched with moisturizers and sun protection factors, what helps the skin stay healthy. This type of makeup you won’t even on the skin and is ideal if you can’t stand to hear the skin blanket, as if I had a mask.

Opaque fluid you will like why don’t dry the skin and does not accumulate so unpleasant in areas with fine lines of expression. Opaque fluid for your facial skin will offer a uniform hue, lightness, and a natural look. The formula matte and primed to finish make-up perfect and fighting the tendency of grease.
Pearl base for your facial skin has a liquid base for cover from the skin but is enriched with Pearlescent pigments to give the skin a natural shine and pleasant. This doesn’t get fat skin, will not give the junk, but Sheen will offer your skin a velvety appearance. Than usual has the composition of antioxidants and peptides to protect skin from environmental factors and to keep young.
The mineral Foundation is based on micro-mineral pigments and contains no additives, talcum powder or perfume, chemicals that can harm your skin. This product fulfils most needs of the skin, it is natural and beneficial, and at the same time covers skin buckets without dressing.
The Foundation type foam/mousse is perfect for skin that is a little dry. Among the problems of this type of skin depigmentation is because of exfoliation that happens quite often and this is why the foam offers a facial color homogenized without covering too.
The Foundation with rod is perfect for oily skin or combination, to be applied in the T zone of the face. This smooths the skin and absorbs excess sebum level making shimmering skin.
Tips to choose the Foundation
It is essential to test it before you buy it, to see and feel the texture of the product. Head the Foundation not on the hand or wrist, jaw line, but there you can see better how it fits its tone to your skin. Remember this, because in the autumn, when you’re Tan, there are some great deference between the skin tone of the face and the rest of the body.
The light is of great importance, when you do the test of the new Foundation. The light can alter the way you see the hues at that moment wait a while and then look in the mirror in a natural light before you decide to buy.
Once you have chosen your shade and you bought the Fund solid, try it at home. If you don’t like or its consistency does not fit, you can return it without delay!
Make-up tips!
A complete make-up does not need always the Foundation. The effect of homogenization of skin tones can be held using a powder/pressed powder or mineral. If your skin healthy and beautiful don’t use makeup every day.
If you have a few complaints such as irritation and spot, just use concealer on the areas affected. Another compromise solution is to apply a thin, even layer of Foundation on zone T: head to head, in the middle of the eyes, nose, mouth and Chin, so that the product remains dull skin.
Attempts to diversify the make-up by day with the evening, especially in what concerns the Foundation chose. A liquid Foundation with a light texture is perfect for a day at the Office and for a weekend while a Pearly formula is great for the evening.
How to apply makeup for amazing results? Starts the application starting from the center of the face and continuing its contours line and the beginning of the hair. Do not apply excess around the eyes and mouth.
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