How to Choose The Ideal Sunglasses

Sunglasses is something extremely useful, as well as to protect our eyes from the Sun’s rays, still fights discomfort caused by excess light and sometimes helps us even in traffic, at the time of driving against a Sun that comes towards the ol HOS, preventing traffic lights and other traffic objects being viewed.

Beyond all usefulness and comfort provided by a good sunglasses, he also contributes to the look, composes visual and complements the clothes, creating a harmonious and beautiful game. The problem in wearing sunglasses is choosing which model ideal for your type of face and nose, because each model of glasses has its peculiarities that can promote or put a face. Now sunglasseswill invites you to check out some tips on how to choose the perfect eyewear for your face type:

Oval Face

The oval face is one of which combine with almost all types of frame, especially those that are round and oval.

Round Face

Those who own foreheads and rounded face should choose a frame that has a square or rectangular format, especially thick auctions. The lenses should be preferably light tones, which increase the area of the face that will be occupied by sunglasses, which helps disguise the volume sits above and below.

Triangular Face

This type of face has the Chin more tapered and therefore combines with narrower frames. The triangular face asks a glasses that is not too low and with stems in evidence, especially above the line of the eyes, to make the set more harmonious.

Square Face

The square face has the greatest feature the forehead and Chin wider, with a protruding jaw. The frame that suits this kind of face is the one that has straight lens on the bottom, with the sides slightly oval, which help to soften the outline more rigid square face.

Wide Nose

People with wide nose should wear glasses in the bridge (the central part of the frame that is on the nose) is taller and narrower.

Small Nose

Faces that have a small nose should play the frames with higher and rounded tips, which gives an impression of raising the nose.

Big Nose

To hide a big nose, the best choice are the glasses that have the clear bridge, or lower than the line of the top of the frame, which ends up softening somewhat the size of the nose.

The time for a hint to buy one of these models of glasses, is to choose a frame that fits well to the face and they don’t move when you smile or make any movement.

Women who have thicker eyebrows should choose sunglasses models outlining the wires inside, softening the eyebrow and leaving the face more harmonious. Already the most straight and thin eyebrows ask for frames and darker lenses, which will highlight the wires, giving an impression of more volume.