How to Choose the Best Fleece Jacket

Fleece jacket by Ortovox at Blue Tomato

When it comes to the mountain, so not only the right equipment at your feet is important. Even your clothes for a day on the slopes should be chosen carefully. Functional underwear and snow wear here represent only a part of your outfits. Do not forget you must to fleece pullover or the fleece jacket. Especially at low temperatures and adverse weather conditions of the mid-layer is particularly important. But what makes a suitable product and what it depends on, really? Blue Tomato gives you an overview of the broad range of products for men and women.

How to Choose the Best Fleece Jacket


Unlike natural materials, such as cotton, fleece is not found in nature. It is a synthetically prepared material of heated Petroleum, which is processed into a yarn. It is a soft, comfortable to wear fabric is then produced. This convinces with good thermal insulation, which is especially at low temperatures beneficial. The odorless, flexible and temperature-regulating material makes jackets and sweaters at home also suitable for rainy days.


Fleece jackets and pullovers are a skier or a snowboarder not always the first choice. Visually, the manufacturers have adapted to your preferences and offer color combinations, as well as less obvious options, for example, from The North Face. At temperatures of minus 25 degrees in the outdoor sector, this additional layer, acts under the ski jacket and snowboarders, looks for maximum fun on the mountain. In addition, you should make absolutely sure of what material thickness you decide:


Micro-Fleece / 100-weight fleece: The micro fleece is the lightest fleece fabric, which is currently available on the market. The 100-Weight fleece is suitable especially at mild temperatures as a mid-layer, but also as a base layer. Especially very active athletes should resort to this material thickness. Depending on the manufacturer is this light weight also of Polartec® Thermal Pro® or TKA 100® spoken.


200-weight fleece: With the 200 version you get a midweight fleece that is created for almost all conditions. Just as a mid-layer under your snowwear you will feel the extra comfort and heat significantly. Alternatively, this material also for activities such as jogging or cycling outdoors, since breathability is ideally balanced. Featured with Polartec® Thermal Pro® midweight TKA or 200® you’ll find it in this segment.


300-weight fleece: With 300-weight you’re clearly good advice even at temperatures below freezing. Heat is here paramount. In cold, but dry weather conditions you can go Loft also without jacket out of the house or on the mountain with Polartec® Thermal Pro® High.

How to Choose the Best Fleece Jacket


Fleece as jacket or sweater, is not necessarily a substitute for a real winter jacket. It is rather a supplement. All Fleece jackets marked with WindStopper® or WindWall® are windproof. Nevertheless, you must not compromise on strenuous activities in terms of breathability. Only waterproof fleece material is not.

In combination with some essential features, such as a high collar and cuffs you will experience the fleece as the perfect mid-layer. Whether the Ortovox, Mammut or Berghaus brand – Blue Tomato you get a wide range of articles for men and women.