How to Choose Lingerie According to Body Type

Each woman has characteristics that make it unique. Just look at any group of women to know that none is equal. With so many differences in measurements and body formats, choose a piece of clothing, for example, is not always an easy task. Imagine Choosing lingerie. It is much more complicated, doesn’t it?

Of course there is always a model of bra and panties that we know that works, but that after that we already have experienced everything and have visited several shops. To simplify and help those still in this fight, we got Tips for Choosing lingerie according to the body type of each woman based on nexticle. Come see!

Lingerie choice according to your body type

The first step to settle on a choice of lingerie, is knowing what is your body type. It is clear that the measures may vary, but say that the format of your body can fit in any of these types. Below we list the body type and indicate the lingerie that more fits. Check it out!

Hourglass body

The hourglass body is one in which the shoulders and hips are aligned. The waist is usually thin and well marked and in medium-sized breasts. The Hourglass body is quite harmonious, proportional measures. The right bra is the half-cup, since it enhances the breasts. Already in the choice of panties opt for models that have waistband at hip, without details on the side, which can give the impression that the hip is greater.

Oval Body

People with oval body, own breasts and back big. The waist has a more rounded shape. In this case, the tip is don’t use pieces too tight, because they highlight the chubbiness and can leave the look awkward. The BRA should ensure support of breasts, as the swimmer bra model. Bet on panties with the wide sides and wider waistband.

Rectangle body

The Rectangle type body is one that has the same measures of hip, waist and shoulders. This is use pieces that help give more volume in both hips and breasts. Bet on padded Bras, and even the bubble BRA, giving a considerable volume. The panties with details on the sides, are welcome. Abuse of colors and details in choosing lingerie!

PEAR body

The woman body PEAR type has narrow shoulders, breasts and wide hips. A good strategy to make the curves more harmonious is letting the hip with minor appearance and give emphasis to the breasts. Bras with bubble are the most suitable, abuse of details such as lace, transparencies and ties. Already in the choice of panties opt for a more basic model. Here at Right Lingerie you will find several sets that fit this description. Take a look at.

Inverted triangle body

This body type is one that has your back and shoulders higher than your hips. The breasts tend to be bulky. It is important to invest in a bra that gives more support with wide straps. Her panties may have spaghetti straps and details on the side showing the hip.

And you? How do you choose your lingerie? Tell us in the comments!