How to Choose Hat

The hat is an accessory that has not widely used as other. This is because it is not a necessity: the shoes are, scarves at certain times of the year too, while in the remaining are used for example to cover small defects on the neck, such as wrinkles. Precisely for this reason there are many who think that the hat does not serve, unless you have the need to defend themselves from the sun. Moreover, to put it even more in bad light, there is the popular belief that says that he is not good at all: when you have a small face and straight hair and with little volume, the hat does not value certain head, unless who do not opt for hats with a wide brim a la Audrey Hepburn.

These, and large and small reasons, have meant that the hat became nowadays an underrated accessory . It is usually used when you have no time or opportunity to fix their hair, yet choose the exact hat could help significantly improve their appearance. Some say they are not suitable to wear the hat: nothing further from reality. Every woman has her best hat and the fact that often we look at them eager to wear them, although in the end we leave them in the store, it is proof: there are many women who can not navigate between different models headdress.
There are four main types of hat: the fedora, diskette, baseball cap and cowboy. All suitable for different types of personality and look. The baseball cap, for example, must be worn widely in informal settings, with a sporty or casual wear, such as jeans and sweatshirt, sneakers, and other outfit who are not really elegant and chic. The floppy hat instead is suitable for chic contexts but by day: a pool party, a cocktail at sea, and unless you’re at a wedding that takes place in the daytime, in winter it is especially funny with such a hat.
In winter it is rather worn the fedora , which is very versatile because it suitable for formal and informal contexts. Traditionally used in the world of music ( Tom Waits without fedora I did not hardly ever seen anyone) is very widespread in recent years because it can adapt to any look and especially to any face. Declining the cowboy hat, right wearable in some theme parties, if you do not want to run the risk of being anachronistic and out of place.
Choose a cap based on your face is almost an art and can be described as follows: if you have a long face you should not use a hat High crown, while if you have a round face, you should avoid the baseball cap. Finally, a hat should always tried to purchase. Nobody would wear the tight shoes, then why choose a tight hat? Also what it makes up her mind to be comfortable and above all, the hat, unlike shoes, you see from the outside if it’s tight, and the risk of seeming ridiculous is always around the corner.

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