How to Choose Comfortable Underwear

Most of us carry almost the same type of underwear in my entire life. And in the choice of comfortable linens however there are many possibilities, but of course always much easier if you know exactly what you are looking for. It is also important to like your underwear and you feel comfortable in it. Do not forget to care properly for him.

How to Choose Comfortable Underwear

Modern or Practical

Resist all fashion trends. While it’s normal to want to have both convenient and a nice linens, this is not always feasible, so placing the personal comfort first. Some of the key things that you should consider before you take your next shopping pregnancy support underwear are:

 Underwear is on you all day. Therefore, you should feel comfortable in it at any time.

Your choice should always be complex: design, color, brand, material, convenience. Just because it’s “brand” does not mean that is the best for you.

That the packaging looks good does not mean that your underwear inside her fit. The same applies to business premises and personal. Vasheto his own sense of comfort is the true indicator of quality.

Even if you do not look so attractive in the window, this is no guarantee that you will not look good and provide you comfort.

The Right Size

Underwear, which tightens, teasing sticks in your skin or cause other similar discomfort may be one of the worst nightmares you daily. Here are some of the main ways to ensure that you choose the right size lingerie:

Be honest with yourself. Avoid the temptation to choose lingerie that is one size less than your just because you think it would look better in it. In fact, a size that is too small for you will give you a more attractive vision, but will press too much skin the outline of her underwear.

• When choosing a bra measure it properly before you buy it. It does not have to compress the breast tissue because it is so can cause sagging or distortion standing. Always adjust the level of tightness of the straps when this is necessary because the shape of your breasts is amended over the years.

• For boxers and briefs. Compare the size of your waist with one that is printed on the back of the box of underwear. The main things that announces to keep in mind is that not a good idea boxers are fixed on your feet, you are narrow at the waist or sagging or too tight and driven into the skin.

Measure the home. Testing of underwear often not allowed in shops from hygienic reasons. If you are unsure what your exact size, you can take several pairs of different sizes and try them out at home. When you find your back and buy more pairs of it.

Ask for help vendor / kata. In most cases, a good salesman can determine your correct size at a glance.

Look for Quality Fabrics

Sometimes it is the matter of underwear can be a major cause of discomfort, especially if it is irritating, Sparta or pressing. The following tips can help you make the right choice of fabric:

When you run your hand through your underwear, the fabric must create in you a feeling of comfort, softness and smoothness.

If it is too thin or too thick it is not the right choice for you. Fat tissue can create a feeling of fullness and do not look as good.

Look for soft tissues. Cotton is the best choice because it allows your skin to breathe and is also easy to maintain matter. Other good alternatives can be Lycra, microfiber, cashmere and high-quality polyester. Silk and satin are a great choice, but are difficult to maintain because they require hand washing. Mixed fabrics are often very good choice. Read labels carefully underwear to make you aware of the alleged problems that you might have on the matter.

Remember that you should choose materials that could irritate your skin and would make you feel uncomfortable in your own underwear.

Seamless Underwear

Although the stitches on a pair of underwear are not ugly and not worry most people actually might be a problem if you wear as underwear too tight for a longer period of time. In addition, they can cause discomfort and can leave unsightly marks on your body, in people with sensitive skin can cause even itching and redness.

Choose Your Model

Underwear arrives in stores as well as in different colors and different shapes and patterns. That particular kind of lingerie look attractive and comfortable or you recommended someone does not automatically mean that you yourselves feel good in it. Here are some tips from us:

Try different types of bras and underwear to get to the right choice for yourself.

Bras for example, can be quite different models – cross straps, strapless, with front fastening bra type bridzhitka, seamless bras, lifting with removable straps, underwire or without built-in bra.

 Underwear also can vary from a thong panties and briefs. Think about how your day goes. If you are an athlete, look comfortable sports clothes that will provide the necessary freedom of movement throughout the day. If you work in an office, it is surprising that this same type of underwear again is suitable for you. If you are not very active due to illness or some other reason, it is best to choose something comfortable and relaxed.


Check to how his tight elastic band. If it is too tight it is possible to you clamp, which may cause stop the flow of blood or skin irritation. If linen leaves scars on your body stop wearing it.

Organic Linen

This type of linen fabrics of controlled origin, but also without bleaching and coloring substances and pesticides used for its production. As your underwear is in constant contact with the skin these chemicals can potentially cause irritation. This is especially important if it is very sensitive. The problem is that the Bulgarian market this type of underwear can be found quite difficult.

Remove Any Labels and Stripes

The removal of all labels of underwear after you purchase is required. They can cause irritation especially if your skin is sensitive. Once removed, you can always store them in a certain place if you need to read the instructions on them.

Take Care of Your Underwear Properly

Proper care of your underwear is essential if you want to prolong his life and to ensure that you feel comfortable enough in it. Prevent premature wear your favorite comfortable underwear by reading the label carefully on it and keep it well ventilated and clean places. Here are some ideas:

Place the underwear folded and arranged in drawers with dividers.

bra and underwear should be stored separately.

Use mesh bags if you wish.

Bras can be arranged pending or arranged on hangers.

Spray a light scent on her underwear, if you want to create a feeling of freshness throughout the day.

Replace Your Underwear Regularly

Not a good idea to keep old clothes in the closet. As each item and underwear has its period of use. It begins to lose qualities like appearance, convenience and comfort. Alternating different pairs of underwear, combined with proper care they could extend its life considerably. Here are the average shelf life of some types:

Bras 3 to 6 months and longer if you change them regularly, but even then, you need to throw away your old bras at least once a year. It is essential to wash your bras by hand, using a suitable soap for delicate fabrics.

Shorts – 6 months.